Definisi Adverb of Certainty dan Penjelasan Lengkap

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Definisi Adverb of Certainty dan Penjelasan Lengkap – Adverbs of certainty adalah kata keterangan yang mengungkapkan rasa yakin pada suatu aksi atau kegiatan. Adverbs of certainty biasanya diletakkan sebelum kata kerja utama. Namun apabila kata kerja utama nya berupa ‘to be’ maka ia diletakkan setelahnya. Contoh dari adverb of certainty adalah certainly, definitely, probably, undoubtedly, surely, dan lain lain. Terdapat derajat rasa yakin yang diwakili oleh masing-masing adverb of certainty. Derajat tersebut menunjukkan seberapa yakin seseorang terhadap sesuatu.

No. Adverb of Certainty


1. Certainly, definitely, surely. Digunakan untuk mengekspresikan sesuatu dengan tingkat keyakinan tinggi. Yang berbicara/menulis sangat yakin dengan pendapat yang ia lontarkan.
2. Undoubtedly.


Digunakan untuk mengekspresikan sesuatu dengan tingkat keyakinan tinggi dan tanpa keraguan.
3. Clearly,


Digunakan untuk mengekspresikan kepastian/keyakinan yang telah terbukti atau terjadi.
4. Probably, maybe, perhaps. Digunakan untuk mengekspresikan keraguan terhadap sesuatu.

Contoh Kalimat:

1. Certainly, definitely, surely.

• He surely remembers her words that make his heart broken.
• My mother certainly permits me to go to Bali with my office’s colleague.
• They definitely quit from their job since their income is very low.

2. Undoubtedly.

• Undoubtedly, they beat the opposed team till the end.
• She is undoubtedly a lawyer. She is good at arguing and smart to attack people’s argument.
• We undoubtedly decide our wedding date this year.

3. Clearly, obviously.

• They clearly stop the action of bullying at school.
• We are obviously confirmed to join the international dance competition in Lampung.
• The product is clearly tested by the dermatologist.
• The nurses who work at Sehat Badan hospital are obviously capable to help the doctors.

4. Probably, maybe, perhaps.

• Nena probably went to her hometown last week.
• Maybe, Fitri has a lot of work so she cannot answer your call.
• Perhaps, Zeni and Budi are going to apologize to you due to their sharp words.

Cara Memposisikan Adverb of Certainty dalam Kalimat

1. Di awal kalimat.

Adverb of certainty seperti probably, perhaps, maybe, undoubtedly, certainly bisa diletakkan di awal kalimat.


• Perhaps, Kaylie forgot the appointment that she made with her family due to lots of work in her office.
• Certainly, Bowie and Sandy took the chance to have a job interview with a foreigner.
• Probably, Parto will confess his feeling to the girl that he has known for 3 years.
• Surely, you know who we are.

2. Sebelum kata kerja utama (main verb)

Selain di awal kalimat, adverb of certainty juga bisa diletakkan di antara subject dan main verb/ kata kerja utama.


• We definitely pay attention on our teacher at school and we never miss the class.
• Sara and Paijo certainly love cat and dog.
• This is definitely an easy work for a smart employee like him.
• She is probably the real culprit. She seems awkward when she walks.

3. Di antara kata kerja Bantu (auxiliary verb) dan kata kerja utama (main verb).

Adverb of certainty juga bisa diletakkan di antara auxiliary verb dan main verb, adverb seperti: certainly , probably, definitely.


• They have certainly gone to Canada since two hours ago. We were late to catch them.
• Vany will probably announce her decision tomorrow morning when she is ready.
• Panda can definitely make you fall in love with him.


Apabila Anda meletakkan surely di awal kalimat, maka hal itu bias diartikan bahwa Anda meyakin sesuatu adalah benar sambil meminta pengakuan/konfirmasi.


Surely, you understand your children well.