Contoh Recount Text Pendek Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP dan SMA

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Ini dia salah satu contoh recount text pendek bahasa Inggris yang bisa digunakan untuk materi pembelajaran bahasa Inggris SMP dan SMA. Semoga membantu.

The Happiness In The Beach 

It was the last day when I was at my uncle’s house. In that day, my brother asked all of us to go to the most beautiful beach in the city. The beach which was meant by my brother was indeed the beach that was so clean. The waves were so large and were amazing to look at.
My brother and I woke up at 4:00 am. Then we did the Subuh prayer and took a bath soon so that our bodies would be fresh on the trip. Meanwhile, my mother and my aunt prepared food for all of us in the beach. There were a lot of good food and my mother cooked my favorite shrimp sauce.
What did my uncle and my father do? They checked the car. The trip from the coast to the uncle’s house took more than two hours, so the vehicle must be prepared as good as possible. My dad checked the machine while my uncle examine whether there was a flat tire or not.
After setting up all the equipment and ensure the safety of the car, we set off at 05.00 AM. My father drove and my mother sat in front. While my brother and I sat in the rear seat. My uncle and aunt were in the middle. We sat in pairs for more than two hours.
As usual, dad tuned the English songs that sometimes made my brother pouting because did not understand the meaning. Finally, my brother slept soundly almost during the trip. For me, sleeping in a trip is not a smart decision, because there were a lot of sights that we could see on the right and left.
I saw a lot of mountains completed with high trees. Even occasionally, I could see a small waterfall with water gurgling which was sound so melodious. It made me wanted to go down and then took a shower under the waterfall. We also met so many little shacks that used to sell durian. My brother even woke up for a while because of smelling the fragrant aroma of durian.
An hour had passed and dad decided to pause so mom can buy snacks at a minimarket. My lil brother and I would not want to miss this moment. We got out of the car and followed my mother. In the minimarket, we chosen a snack as we want and because this was our special day, my mother allowed us to buy all the favorite snack.
We quickly returned to the car very much snacks. Dad then reminded us not to buy a huge snack anymore, but mothers defended us soon. I just smiled in the back seat while my brother was eating a snack with all of his big energy.
Finally, after being in the car for two hours, we arrived at the beach which was very beautiful, clean, completed with big waves. My brother and I could not wait to swim at the beach, but my father and my uncle immediately prevented us. They told us to lunch first. On the back of the car, mother and aunt prepared lunch with foods that were looked so tasty. My hunger began to come because the food was so tempting.
Of course, the food that I eat was chili shrimp first. Spicy taste made my appetite increased. When I want to take the fried chicken, it was empty and my brother was very lucky to get the last piece. I saw uncle and aunt also ate with enthusiasm, they even sweat because the spicy taste of homemade chili made by my mother. Mom made the food to be so tasty and spicy.
After eating, we took Zuhur prayer at a mosque near the beach. 30 minutes after Zuhur prayer, my brother and I quickly headed for the beach and swam. Big waves did not make us afraid; on the contrary, it made us very excited. Our courage became greater because my father and uncle also swam to accompany us. Due to big waves, I often almost dragged into the middle of the beach, but it still did not appear our fear because swimming at the beach was so fun.
Feeling bored swim at the beach. We continued to play beach volleyball. In this game, my aunt and my mother also joined. Uncle, aunt, and I were in one team, while my brother, father, and mother were on the another team. We played volleyball for about an hour and my team beat my brother’s.
Tired because of playing volleyball, we headed to a restaurant near the beach for ordering drinks. One glass of orange juice had made the thirst in my throat disappeared. When our power restored, I took the initiative to hire a surfboard. Apparently, my uncle approved the idea. We surfed on the big waves while dad and my brother were very tired and opted for taking a rest.
At 4:00 PM, my uncle decided to stop surfing and he reminded me that we should go home. I stopped surfing and took a bath to cleanse the body from the sand of beach. Dad reminded us to do Ashar prayer in a mosque together and after that, we went home.
On the way, only my mother who did not sleep and continued to accompany my father drove. While my brother, uncle, aunt, and I slept because of the exhaustion as a result of activity on the beach. Overall, It was a very enjoyable holiday. I still remembered it well even though it happened 10 years ago.