Contoh Narrative Text Singkat Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya

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Saat Anda ingin menemukan sebuah contoh narrative text singkat bahasa Inggris dan artinya, postingan ini memberikan sebuah cerita narrative atau lebih tepatnya cerita fabel. Menggunakan bahasa Inggris, cerita ini berkisah tentang seorang singa bernama Simba. Bagaimana kisahnya? Silakan Anda baca cerita berikut ini. Semoga bermanfaat dan dapat Anda gunakan untuk keperluan pendidikan bahasa Inggris di sekolah atau kampus. 🙂


In a jungle, there lived four animals, they were a rabbit named Bunny, a polecat named Ruby, a deer named Oddie, and a fox named Swiper. They were best friends and lived together in a peace. Everyday they worked together looking for some foods and keep their place safe from threatening and bothering.

In other place of the jungle, there lived three lion cubs. They were best friends too. They liked to disturb others to take control the entire jungle. Their names were Diego, Leo, and Simba. They were so wild although they were still young, except Simba. Simba was the weakest one because beside he’s the smallest one, he was also afraid to kill others to be his meal. For a lion, Simba was the kindest one and it made his friends, Diego and Leo, fed up and pushed him to be wild.

One day, the three lions came to the four best friend’s land; they saw a rabbit, a fox, a deer, and a polecat were gathering and playing together. The lions knew that those animals could be their meals, but they have also a plan before eating them. Then the lions came approach the four best friends. Realize that there were three lions that will eat them, the four best friends felt so scared and there’s no chance to avoid the lions. But, the lions didn’t kill the four best friends. They just want to take the place and asked them to go if they didn’t want to be their meals. The four best friends were being forced to agree with the deal to left the houses and looking for some new places in another side of the jungle to live.

The lions absolutely felt so happy because the tiny animals did what they said. Of course this was not the end, they had another plan to kill the four animals and making them as their meals because since first they’re not only wants to take the place but also to eat them. Simba actually disagree with his two friends wicked plans. But he couldn’t do anything to stop them. He’s so scared to fight them alone.

When the lions separated to find something to eat, suddenly Simba hit something and apparently it’s Bunny, the rabbit. They shocked to find each other in that condition. Soon Bunny felt turning into scary because now he is standing in front of a lion that could eat him and he’s alone! But when Bunny was trying to escape, Simba stopped him. In fact, Simba told him that he wouldn’t kill him. Bunny still couldn’t believe what he’s already heard. After a while Simba finally told Bunny how he’s so fed up with his two friends and he’s really wanted to get free from the two lions.

After hearing Simba’s story, Bunny decided to bring him to their new place and tell the other friends. Bunny explained what’s going on with him so that he met the lion and brought him to them. The friends were amazed hearing the story and they worried that the lions suddenly could eat them, especially the polecat, Ruby. She didn’t trust anymore to the lion’s story. But finally, they could accept the lion’s coming as they new friends although Ruby still got mad because of her friend’s decision.

Then the lion told them about the two lion’s wicked plan. He started to make a plan with the four best friends to trap the lion so that they would never bother other tiny animals again. Simba, Bunny, and Oddie discussed the plan, meanwhile the other two friends, Ruby and Swiper, were looking for everything that they need to make the trap.

The day is coming, Simba came approach to his two friends and told them that he knew where the hidden place of the four best friends. The lions so excited to get them as their meals. When they came to the place, they couldn’t find anyone of the four animals. But there’s a deer came out to get some food, quickly Diego and Leo ran into her. BUMP! Suddenly, Diego and Leo fell into the big hole which was a trap that they’ve made for the two lions. They asked for Simba’s help but he just went approach to the four best friends and celebrated their success. Finally, Simba lived together with the four best friends in their old place in peace and happily ever after.

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