Contoh Naskah Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pendidikan Berkarakter

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Di bawah ini, terdapat sebuah Contoh Naskah Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pendidikan Berkarakter yang bisa Anda gunakan dalam berbagai kepentingan pidato. Semoga memberikan manfaat. 🙂

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

The honorable Mr. Suherman as the principal, the honorable Mr. Kartawijaya as the vice principal, and all the dearest teachers and parents.

This is a nice morning and may Allah SWT blesses us. Today, I stand here in order to deliver a message that I think it is so important for us to know. It is about a character building. I am sure that many of us are so proud because our children have a good score in their academic education. But, actually when we are so proud of it, we miss something.

We miss the character building of them. In fact, the character education also plays a very important role in their entire life. Nowadays, we can clearly see that there are a huge amount of students out there that are involving a brawl, illegal drugs, smoking, and many other bad things. Of course, those unexpected behaviors are arising because they lack of character building.

Ladies and Gentlemen..

Fixing those problems is our responsibility. It is not only the teacher which take care the students. It is the responsibility of us. Parents, and teachers have to work together to avoid the students from those dangers.

We, as a teacher should protect them well in the school. The discipline must be established strongly enough. Also, we need to have a circumstance that makes our students absolutely happy to study and to do their activities. We have to facilitate every single thing that they need. The program that I have discussed with the principal is the character building integration in each moment of lessons. For example, teacher will not let any student cheating in the examination because cheating will maintain their bad mental condition. Through cheating habit, they will change to a person who just hopes a give not hopes to give.

Furthermore, the teacher also messaged to appreciate every student effort to be smarter in the class. For example, when a student have tried to answer a question, even it wrong, the teacher keep praising them with the good words. The praise like “you’re good”, “I like your answer”, or “that is a nice thought” will encourage the student to be active more and more.

Of course, those praises are better than the condition when we punish our student if they do not answer a question well. If we still do that conventional activity, our student will study because they are afraid, not because they want.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I believe that the discipline and the encouragement are done consistently, the students will have a better mentality. They will be more protected because of the rule and they will be more brave, happy, and active because of the eagerness in the class.

Then, what should parents do in their home? Simply, they need to create a good circle. Avoiding a conflict, being a harmonic family, and facilitating the children needs both physic and mental. Do not make your kids think that the outside is going to be happier than the inside. With a strong and a good education from home, they will also good and strongly enough to face their real world in the future.

That’s all that I want to talk. Thank you very much.

Assalamualaikum wr wb.