Drama Bahasa Inggris 7 Orang Tentang Cerita Legenda Hewan

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Drama bahasa Inggris 7 orang berikut merupakan kisah hewan atau fabel yang menceritakan bagaimana kehidupan hewan seperti singa dan yang lainnya. Selain drama berikut, Anda juga bisa mendapatkan beragam drama bahasa Inggris di kategori drama pada website ini. Semoga drama berikut dapat bermanfaat untuk Anda. 🙂



Once upon a time, in a part of the jungle, there lived four animals. They were a rabbit named Rabby, a polecat named Poly, a deer named Dory, and a fox named Foxy. They were best friends and lived together in peace.


One day in the shiny morning…


Rabby : “Good morning everyone! Hmm, how beautiful this morning is! It’s a nice day to work out. So,

let’s begin…”


Dory : “Yeah, you’re right Rabby. Let’s make everything up!”


Then, the polecat and the fox came out from their house in trees…


Poly : “Good morning Foxy! Oh look, Rabby and Dory are planting in the Rabby’s farm. Let’s help them!”


Foxy : “Ok! Hey, Rabby, Dory, don’t start without me guys!”


Every day the four best friends work together planting in Rabby’s farm, looking for some foods, and keep their place safe from threatening and bothering.


In other place, there lived three lion cubs. Although they’re still young but they liked to disturb others to take control the entire jungle, except Leo. Leo was different from his two friends, Diego and Leon. He’s kind and didn’t like to hurt others.


Diego : “We have to find some meals today. I’m so hungry now!”


Leon : “Me too. There’s nothing to eat in this place anymore, we’ve already eaten them last night.”


Diego : “Yeah, except Leo. I can’t understand why he didn’t want to eat the rabbit that we caught last night.”


Then Leo come


Leo : “Hi, guys! Hmm, it’s so silent here now since both of you have eaten the animals. How poor they are!”


Diego : “Leo, remember, we’re the lion, the king of this jungle. We’re carnivores and that’s our destiny!”


Leon : “Yes, you know what? You’re so a weak lion, Leo!”


Leo : “No, I just can’t do that. Hurt each other without thinking of their feeling…”


Diego : “ARGH…STOP IT! I can’t hear that more. Come on, let’s get out of here!”


When they’re walking, they arrived at the four tiny animals place. Then the three lions were coming approach to the fourth animals. The tiny animals didn’t realize that they’re in danger. And when they know there’re three lion cubs came to them, they felt scary and there’s no chance for them to escape.


Poly : “Hey, look! There are three lion cubs come to here!”


Foxy : “Oh no! What should we do now? They can eat us!”


Then come the three lions


Diego : “Hello, tiny animals! Don’t be scared like that, right Leo?”


Leo : “Hmm, yeah…”


Rabby : “What are you doing here? It’s not you’re place!”


Leon : “Hey, keep your mouth in silence. We can eat all of you if we want to.”


Diego : “No, Leon. We’ll not eat them.”


Leon : “What???”


Poly : “Oh yeah, I doubt it. I can’t trust you don’t want to kill us.”


Foxy : “Yeah, tell us the truth, what do you want from us exactly?”


Diego : “What do we want? Ha…ha…ha… It’s a simple thing. Leave this place or we’ll kill you!”


Dory : “You can’t take this place from us! It’s ours… Go away and never go back here again.”


Poly & Foxy : “Yes, get out of here!”


Diego : “Are you sure, you don’t want to make a deal with us?”


Dory : “Wait, you promise not to kill us if we all go from here?”


Diego : “Yup and I’ll give you times until tonight. If you still here tonight, you’ll die!”


Rabby : “Ok, deal.”


The four best friends were being forced to agree with the deal to leave their house and looking for some new places to live. The lions were so happy. Of course it was not the end because in fact they have another plan to kill the fourth animals.


Leo : “Diego, are you sure let those animals free? You don’t want to kill them, right?”


Leon : “Yeah, what did you do, brother? It’s our chance to have some meals. Why did you only take their place?”


Diego : “Calm down Leon, of course I also want those animals. But we have to make them trust with us first before killing them.”


Leon : “What do you mean?”


Diego : “I’ll go back to that place before night. I’m sure that they still in there, then I’ll catch and kill all of them.”


Leo : “What? I think you’ve changed your mind not to kill those animals.”


Leon : “Wow, it’s a great idea! I like it, Diego. I’m in your plan.”


Diego : “Thanks Leon. And for you Leo, if you don’t want to join us, you may go!”


After knowing the truth, Leo felt so disappointed with his two friends. He actually disagrees with their wicked plan, but he couldn’t do anything to stop them. He’s so scared to fight them alone.


When the lions separated to find something to eat, suddenly Leo hit something…


Leo : (Bruk!) “Hey, what is it!”


Rabby : “Oh, it is hurt! Who’s already hit me?” (Look at the Leo’s face and then scream loud because shocked)”Aah…!!!”

Leo : “Sssttt! Calm down, I won’t hurt you, I just want to find some meals.”


The rabbit tried to escape, but Leo held the rabbit’s foot


Leo : “Hey, stop! Don’t go!”


Rabby : “Please, let me go! Let me go! Don’t kill me!”


Leo : “No, I won’t kill you. Please, trust me. I’m not like my two other friends.”


Rabby : “What, really? Why don’t you kill me? You’re a lion.”


Leo : “Yeah, but I’m little different from other lions. I’ve been forced by them and I can’t fight them alone. I need your help.”


Rabby : “It’s that true? Ok, I trust to you. Now, follow me and let me and my friends help you.”


Leo : “Is it ok? Oh, thank you.”


Rabby : “I don’t know, but I think they’ll understand. My name is Rabby by the way.”


Leo : “Oh, I’m Leo. Glad to see you Rabby.”


The Rabbit decided to bring Leo to their place and tell the other friends about what’s going on with the lion. The other friends were so amazed and they worried the lion suddenly could eat them. They can’t accepted Leo and don’t want to help him at first, especially the polecat and the fox, Poly and Foxy.


Poly : “Look, Rabby is coming!”


Foxy : “But, wait… who is it that coming with Rabby?”


Dory : “Oh, no! Watch out Rabby! There is a lion behind you!”


Rabby : “Hey guys! I’ll introduce you our new friend, Leo.”


Leo : “Hi!”


Poly : “Rabby, are you crazy? Come on, you know who he is right!”


Rabby : “I know he’s a lion. But he is nice.”


Foxy : “But, he can kill you! No, no… KILL US!”


Dory : “Yes, Rabby. What are you thinking?”


Rabby : “Don’t worry. He wouldn’t try to kill us, I’m sure about it. Right, Leo?”


Leo : “Of course. I’m different from my other two friends. You can trust me!”


Dory : “So, what’s the thing that brings you here?”


Leo : “Actually, I want to tell you that the two lions will kill you although you give your place to them.”


The fourth animals : “WHAT!”


Leo : “Yes. Beside that, I also need your help guys to get me free from them. I’m so sick of them!”


Dory : “If your story is true, then I’ll help you with pleasure.”


Leo : “Thank you Dory. I’ll appreciate it.”


Rabby : “How about you Poly and you Foxy? You want to help him or not?”


Poly : “Ok, But it’s not going to be easy Leo to be a part of us. You have to proof that you’re really kind.”


Foxy : “Yeah, because you’re not eating my friend, maybe I’ll help you. But if you’re betrayed us, I’ll never trust to you anymore…”


Leo : “Thank you everyone. All right, now it’s the time to make a plan. A tricky trap…”


They all worked together to make a trap for the two wicked lions so that the lions would never bother any other tiny animals again. Leo, Rabby, and Dory discussed the plan, meanwhile the other two friends, Poly and Foxy, were looking for everything that they need to make the trap.


The time is coming, and the day is going to be dark. Leo came approach his two friends and told them that he’s already looked at the four animal’s place. He told them that the animals were still there. The lions so excited to get them as their meals.


When they came to the place…


Diego : “Where are the animals?”


Leon : “Hey, Leo! Are you sure that they still in here?”


Leo : “Yeah, I’m sure. Just wait in a little while.


The deer, Dory, came out from their hidden place


Leo : “Look Diego, it’s a deer in there!”


Diego : “Let’s catch it!”


Quickly Diego and Leon ran into her, but suddenly…BUMPH! They fell into a big hole


The tiny animals : (toss) “Yes. We did it!”


Diego : “Hey, take both of us out of here!”


Leon :Leo, don’t only stand like that! Help us!”


Leo came approach the hole with the four tiny animals


Leo : “I’m sorry guys! I can’t help you.”


Diego & Leon : “What???”


Leo : “It’s your fault because you always disturb others and force me all the time.”


The tiny animals : “That’s right!”


Leo : “You promise not to disturb them again?”


Diego : “Ok, fine. You win! We promise!”


Leon : “Yeah, we’ll go away and you’ll never see us again. But please, get us out of here!”


Leo : “OK!”


The tiny animals : “HORRAY…!!!”


The two lions were taken out from the hole. They go away and never come back again. Leo and the four animals celebrated their success, and finally Leo lives together with the four best friends in peace and happily ever after…