Pengertian dan Contoh Correlative Conjunction Secara Singkat

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Conjunction terbagi ke dalam dua bentuk yaitu coordinating conjunction dan correlative conjunction. Coordinating conjunction digunakan untuk menggabungkan dua klausa, dua frase, atau dua kata di dalam kalimat. Sementara itu, correlative conjunction yang akan kita bahas sekarang ini, merupakan penghubung yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan hubungan antara ide yang satu dengan lainnya di dalam kalimat.

Contoh dan Penggunaan Correlative Conjunction

Both …. And … – She is both smart and beautiful.

Either … or … – I will either go fishing or go swimming.

Neither … nor … – She is neither a nurse nor a teacher.

Hardly … when … – They hardly went to work, when his son was sick.

If … then …If your prediction is true, then the police will catch us soon.

Not only … but also … – They are not only smart, but also diligent.

Rather … than … – She would rather go with me than with you.

Scarcely … when … – We scarcely could not arrive at home, when it was rain.

Whether … or … – I don’t know whether the food is hot or not.