Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang di Kantin Sekolah

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Ada sebuah percakapan atau dialog singkat antara dua orang pelajar bernama Gita dan Sandra di kantin sekolah. Semoga memberikan manfaat kepada Anda. 🙂

Gita: Hi Sandra, it’s a rest break, why do you just stay in the class? Let’s go to the canteen.

Sandra: Actually I have to finish my homework. But, no problem, I can do it later.

Gita: That’s a homework, why didn’t you do in your home?

Sandra: That’s my bad habit? Any problem?

Gita: Not really.

At the canteen..

Sandra: What are you going to order?

Gita: I think meatball and ice tea.

Sandra: Ok wait a minute, I tell your order.

Gita: Ok, thank you.

Sandra: No problem.

A few minutes later..

Sandra: The waiter told me that we might have to wait for little bit long because there are so many orders.

Gita: No problem. I am not in hurry. Hey, tell me about the examination yesterday.. I mean maybe the questions will be the same for my class.

Sandra: Hmmm, when will the exam be held in your class?

Gita: Tomorrow morning. It will be the first hour.

Sandra: Ok, you need to study about pronoun, countable noun, un-countable noun, and some tenses. The questions are related to those topics.

Gita: Ok, and then? Any other topic?

Sandra: Hmmm, oh ya I remember it. The conditional sentence appeared for about three questions.

Gita: Thank you Sandra. What are the kinds of those questions. I mean multiple choice or essay?

Sandra: Essay! It’s gonna be so difficult. You need to study hard.

Gita: Really? I must prepare it well.

Sandra: Yes of course.

Gita: May I ask your notes because my notes are not complete enough for the examination.

Sandra: No problem. Just visit my home tonight or after school.

Gita: Ok. Thank you Sandra.

Sandra: You’re welcome. Our foods are coming, let’s eat.