3 Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Menggunakan Degrees of Comparison

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3 Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Menggunakan Degrees of Comparison – Berikut terdapat contoh-contoh dialog bahasa Inggris yang menggunakan unsur degrees of comparison di dalamnya.

Dialog 1

Vivy: Rahma, Do you want to go shopping with me?
Rahma: Oh, sure. I am not busy now. Let’s go.
(They go to the center of soaps in the city.)
Vivy: Hey, Rahma. Look at those soaps. This store gives big discount. I can
save more money if I buy them.
Rahma: Wait! We need to see the other stores first to compare the price. I am
not sure that those are cheaper.
Vivy: Well, okay. Let’s see.
Rahma: Here, Vivy. See it. It is cheaper than the soaps that we found in the
previous store and I think its quality is better. Hmm, I love the scent. I
think I am going to buy it. How about you?
Vivy: I don’t know. I haven’t decide yet.
Rahma: Let’s see the others.
Vivy: Rahma, look at this. It is more expensive than the first soap we found but the quality is worse. I think I love the first one even though yours is cheaper.
Rahma: It’s okay, vy. Choose the one you love.
Vivy: Alright. I like your words.
Rahma: I know I’m good at words.

Dialog 2

Ganesh: Sasha and Lily, I am confused in deciding the theme of our school’s farewell
party. Do you have any idea?
Sasha: I have thought about this since last week.

Ganesh: What is that?
Sasha: How about Hero? So, we will ask the participant to dress in formal way and they need to bring the poster of their heros. We promote nationalism and the value of gratitude to our country.
Ganesh: That’s cool. How about you, Lily? Do have any opinion?
Lily: I am thinking about local wisdom and culture.
Ganesh: Can you describe it?
Lily: The dress code must be traditional custome and we can show several art performances from some regions of our country, and don’t forget to campaign about think globally act locally.
Sasha: I like your idea, Lily. It is greater than mine.
Lily: Really? I am not quite sure since I agree on your idea. Hero theme is more amazing.
Ganesh: Well, please stop the compliment war. Your ideas are incredible, girls. I will consider those themes.
Sasha: Why don’t you decide it now? Don’t take more time becuase our teachers will ask us about the progress of the event today.
Lily: Yeah, that’s right. So which one do you choose Ganesh?
Ganesh: Actually, I have the same idea with Sasha. I think hero theme is closer to red line of our event, that is thanking teachers.
Lily: Yup, I agree. Hero theme is more appropriate than the themes that we have discussed.
Sasha: Alright. Wrap it!

Dialog 3

Mutia: Aji, do you remember when we were kids? Who is taller?
Aji: I do remember it. Of course I’m taller than you.
Mutia: Is that true? I don’t think so. See this picture. It was our childhood. This is me and that is you. Absolutely, I am taller than you. I am smarter than you. I am better at playing soccer than you.
Aji: That condition was when I was a kid. Now, I am handsome, I am a captain of soccer team at school, and I am taller than you. Now is more important than past.
Mutia: Justification never ends. You always beat what I say. It’s fine since you are my younger brother. Please be my guardian forever.
Aji: Don’t worry. I will always do that no matter what.
Mutia: Thank you, my little big brother.