2 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Ketika Memesan Kamar di Hotel

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2 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Ketika Memesan Ruangan di Hotel – Pergi ke hotel, kemudian memesan ruangan atau kamar adalah hal teknis yang biasa kita lakukan. Namun, bagaimana jika kita harus menggunakan bahasa Inggris ketika bercakap-cakap dengan resepsionis hotel? Mungkin contoh percakapan berikut ini bisa membantu Anda.

Conversation in Matraman Hotel

A: Good morning, Welcome to Matraman Hotel.

B: Yes, I would like to reserve a room please?

A : When is it for, madam?

B: It is for today.

A : How many nights do you want the room for?

B : We would like it for two nights.

A : Yes, madam. The rooms are available for today and tomorrow.

B : what kind of room would like, madam?

A : I want single with bath, I would appreciated it if you could give me a room with a view over the valley.

B : Certainly madam, I will check it. Yes we have a room, the 4th floor with a really splendid view.

A : Fine. How much do you charge per day?

B : It is Rp, 500.000, 00 including tax and breakfast.

A : That is fine.

B : What name is it for?

A : It is for Sri Rahayu

B: how do you spell that, please?

A : Sure, That is S-R-I-R-A-H-A-Y-U

B : Could you fill in this card, please?

A : Of course.

B: Ok, thank you. I beg your pardon. Okay let me make sure I got that. Mrs. Sri Rahayu, single with bath for today and tomorrow. Your room number is 402 and here is your key.

A : Okay thank you.

B : Would you like someone to carry your bag?

A : Oh, never mind. I can do it by myself.

B : Yeah thank you for choosing Matraman Hotel and have a nice day.

A : Yeah you are welcome.

Conversation in Pondok Kopi Hotel

A : Good afternoon, welcome to the Pondok Kopi Hotel. What can I do for you?

B : Good afternoon, my name is Rahwana Wijaya, I need a reservations for single room, for three nights.

A : All right Mr. Wijaya, let me pull up your reservation.

B: It seems that I cannot find a record of your booking. Did you book directly through us? Or did you use a hotel reservation service or travel agent?

A : I book it directly through you. I have also already paid a deposit in the first night. I have a reservation number if it helps.

B : Yes sure, can I see that, please? Thank you. Oh I see maybe there was a glitch with the booking system. Well we don’t have anymore single room available. With the exception of one adjoined room, but you would then be right next door to a family with children which might be noisy. But that’s no problem I can upgrade you to one of our business suites. They all come with Jacuzzi.

A : Oh that sounds nice, but how much more is going to cost?

B : That would of course be at no extra charge to you.

A : Oh thank you.

B : My pleasure.

A : What about the wireless internet?

B ; Oh that’s easy. This is your access code and instructions on how to use it. If you have any problems. Feel free to call the front desk. And this is a list all of the hotel facilities like the gym and the indoor pool.

A : Oh thank you very much.

B: You’re welcome. Have a nice day.