Daftar Kata Kerja yang Diikuti Noun + Infinitives dan Contoh Kalimat

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Daftar Kata Kerja yang Diikuti Noun + Infinitives dan Contoh Kalimat – Untuk meningkatkan kemampuan Anda dalam berbahasa Inggris, berikut ini kami berikan daftar kata kerja yang diikuti oleh noun + infinitives lengkap dengan contoh kalimatnya.

No.Kata KerjaContoh Kalimat
1AdviseSandra advised me to take a rest before my children went home.
2allowMy uncle allows his children to travel abroad with their friends for a week.
3askTania asked her friends to join her dancing club.
4begJia begged her mother to give her some money for buying a new smartphone.
5causeThe reason causes us to stop the concert.
6challengeTeni challenges me to get the best score and rank this semester.
7convinceThey failed to convince Vina to accept someone’s wedding proposal.
8dareWe dared ourselves to improve our English ability so that we can get the required TOEFL score.
9encourageI'd like to encourage him to earn more money to buy car and house before getting married.
10expectHow can she expect him to play the music if he is not feeling well today?
11forbidGastian doesn't forbid her wife to drive alone when she is pregnant.
12forceWe can’t force everyone’s intention to do something they love.
13hirePinita is hired by a foreign company in Jakarta and she will stay there for two years.
14instructThe teacher instructs the students to pay attention at ger explanation.
15inviteDo you invite your classmates to come to your birthday party?
16needShe needs several things to complete her project.
17permitWill your parents permit you to hang out with me?
18persuadePlease, persuade him to eat the fruits before eating the other foods?
19remindWinzy reminded her brother to drink much more water because he was sick.
20requireWill you require some journals to write the book?
21teachWe should teach the students to speak politely.
22tellShe told Santi to wait for her in Boemi Kedaton Mall at ten o’clock in the morning
23urgeYou can’t urge us to follow you even though you have given us some money.
24wantThey want us to prepare the room two hours before the event begins.
25warn not to doWould you please warn her not to be naughty at school?

Selain itu, terdapat juga kata kerja yang diikuti langsung dengan infinitive, tanpa noun/pronoun. Kalimat tersebut maknanya akan berbeda dengan kata kerja yang diikuti noun/pronoun dan infinitive.

No.Kata KerjaKata Kerja + infinitiveKata kerja + Noun/Pronoun + Infinitive
1askThey asked to sleep.They asked her to sleep.
2chooseShe chooses to go away.She chooses him to go away.
3expectThey expect to play soccer.They expect Jack to play soccer.
4needI need to buy hammer.I need him to buy hammer.
5prepareShe prepared to cook.She prepared the kitchen to cook.
6promiseI can’t promise to come early.I can’t promise my boss to come early.
7threatenHe threatened to leave forever.He threatened her to leave forever.
8wantWe want to eat Korean food.We want Jevin to eat Korean food.
9wishFerdi wishes to get married soon.Ferdi wishes his brother to get married soon.
10would likeI would like to make sure the situation.I would like my assistant to make sure the situation.