40 Contoh Kalimat dengan Adjective (Kata Sifat) Di Dalamnya

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40 Contoh Kalimat dengan Adjective (Kata Sifat) Di Dalamnya – Di bawah ini, terdapat 40 contoh kalimat, yang didalamnya mempunyai adjective. Yuk kita simak. 🙂

  1. Your hair is not too bad.
  2. Are you younger than me?
  3. Don’t be naughty.
  4. The test was extremely easy.
  5. Sasa bought a bowl of delicious and quite expensive noodle.
  6. My house is really beautiful and large.
  7. The book which she reads is very thick and old.
  8. Keep good work and become professional to make your brighter future.
  9. He is a tall and genius man. I like him so much.
  10. I am not feeling well and healthy now. I am sick.
  11. Have you sold your old and classic car?
  12. Please be serious when you are working. It is not a playground. Be professional.
  13. His eyes are very mesmerizing to every young woman. He is so adorable.
  14. Those clever and smart men got the achievement from the president because of their good work in helping poor citizen in the village.
  15. My mom taste your cheesecake, and it is crazily delicious.
  16. They presented a very good theatre performance in the inauguration night.
  17. She was extremely happy when she met her boyfriend.
  18. Tulus Rusydi has the many enthusiastic fans now. He becomes very famous because his music is very great.
  19. You are so tired. It’s better for you to sleep in this great Australian woman house.
  20. Her black dark room is not comfortable for me.
  1. He has great power to arrange the rule and lead this nation.
  2. The tasty soup is a good meal for today’s dinner. Besides, I really love sushi and creamy green tea.
  3. My daughter has beautiful long hair. She is so cute.
  4. I understand why he is so charming. He has green wide eyes and killing smile.
  5. The red sparkling sapphire that he gave to her is very cool.
  6. I love your chic short dress. You look tall by wearing that beautiful dress.
  7. How much is the small black clutch? I want to buy it. I like it.
  8. His French is very good. He can speak 6 languages with great dialect.
  9. She is so beautiful. Not only that, she is also very smart.
  10. Your shoes are so dirty. You must go through the torrential rain today. Please, clean your shoes soon.
  11. My father got a new computer as a prize.
  12. Gege is a workaholic. He can forget his lunch time when he is working.
  13. She is very fierce and cold-blooded woman. Many people in her neighbourhood are afraid of her.
  14. My cats are well-behaved. It is not lazy. It is very obedient.
  15. She is very open-minded about many things.
  16. Today was a terribly hot day. I become sweaty all day long.
  17. You have an amazingly good idea. Let’s release it.
  18. He married an Austrian woman. She is very tall and has white skin.
  19. The Moslem community in Turkey is very large. They are friendly to the foreigners.
  20. Dede does not know that his girlfriend has a big plan to give an amazing surprise in his birthday.