Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Antara Boss dan Pegawai

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Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Antara Boss dan Pegawai – Yuk kita simak contoh dialog percakapan bahasa Inggris antara seorang boss dengan pegawai berikut ini.

Conversation 1

Employee : Good morning Boss. Excuse me, may I come in?

Boss : Yes, please come in and have a sit.

Employee : Thank you boss. I want to ask about the training that I will join boss. When and where does it held boss?

Boss   : Okay, I will tell you about that. Actually you have to wait the announcement, because if I inform you about that before the announcement, I will be punished by the company. May be I will tell you about the information that I get.

Employee : Sure, no problem sir, because I want to prepare all of the things before I join to the training.

Boss : Okay, I heard that the training place is in Bali, Surabaya, Bandung, or Yogyakarta. The employee who joins the training will be placed between those places.

Employee : How long that I will join the training boss, and how about my job here?

Boss : The training will be held for a month. About your job, you still must work at the training place for two days. Because in a week only have three days for training.

Employee: Okay thank you sir for the complete information. I hope I will be more professional employee in this company. Good morning boss.

Boss : You are welcome and good morning.


Conversation 2

Conversation in phone..

Boss : Hello, Adi wiguna. Could you come to my room? There is something I want to discuss with you.

Employee : Okay boss I will go there.

Boss : Yes, I will be waiting for you. Bye.

Employee : Yes Boss.

In Boss room..

Employee : Excuse me boss, may I come in?

Boss : Sure Mr. Adi. Have a sit, please?

Employee : Ok thank you boss.

Boss : Okay, I will discuss you about our company income. Could you tell me about that Adi?

Employee : Yes sir, Our income from January to march had a significant progress. But we have to anticipate to improve our product. The other companies start competing our company by improving our quality product, we can stabilize our income boss.

Boss : Good. I like it. Yes I think that is the best way to improve our income. I have an idea to make an interesting advertisement.

Employee : Yes sir that is one of way to make people buy our product. But we need the capable person to handle that.

Boss : Okay, our company has the capable person who can handle the advertisement. But we need more people so that advertisement can work in solid team. Could you recruit at least three more persons who can handle advertisement?

Employee : Sure. I will make a selection to recruit the person. I will inform you about three more days.

Boss : Okay Adi I really trust in you to handle that. I want you recruit the best person. So our company become the best company in Indonesia.

Employee : Sure Boss. I will do it for this company. May I continue my work boss?

Boss : Yes. Thank you for the nice discussion. See you.

Employee : You are welcome and see you boss.