Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Telepon Tentang Liburan

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Dania : Hello, Dania’s family here.

Siska : Hello, is it Dania?

Dania : Yes. Who is it?

Siska : I am Siska, your old friend. How are you?

Dania : Wow, is that true that you are Siska?

Siska : Yes of course.

Dania : I am happy to hear your voice again. I am good, how about you?

Siska : So am I. How’s your family?

Dania : Good. How about your family?

Siska : Great. Hey, guess why suddenly I call you..

Dania : Why? Do you want to give me some money?

Siska : Hahahaha, No. I will go to Indonesia for holiday. Your house is my first destination.

Dania : Really?

Siska : Yes. Any problem?

Dania : Of course not. I am happy to see you again. Come on join us. I will make you taste many traditional Indonesian foods as we did a long time ago.

Siska : Yeah, I miss that moment. I miss you, miss our friends, and many more.

Dania : Miss you too Siska. Where will you go except Jakarta?

Siska : I am going to visit Jogjakarta, Derawan, and Bali. You have to join with me and I will pay all you need.

Dania : Wow, incredible!

Siska : Yeah, bring your family with us and we take a holiday together.

Dania : Are you serious? It sounds great.

Siska : I am very serious.

Dania : Thank you so much Siska. You are truly awesome. Oh ya, I have some vacation catalogues that pointed out so many beautiful places of Indonesia. It may help us more.

Siska : Great. What are the places that the catalogues suggest for us?

Dania : There are so many places, and I do not want to mention it here. You should come to my home as soon as possible and read it alone.

Siska : Ya I will do it soon. 😀

Dania : Where will you go?

Siska : Tomorrow morning. Hey, after I take a holiday in Indonesia, you must also bring your family to my beautiful home here, Netherland.

Dania : Ya, of course. We have planned that next year we will go there.

Siska : Ok Dania, see you in Indonesia and I always wait you to visit me here.

Dania : Ok Siska.