Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Hotel Untuk Memesan Kamar

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Receptionist : What can I do for you sir?

David : I am interested to book two rooms for this weekend.

Receptionist : Hmm, ok, so you mean that you are going to book the rooms for two nights?

David : Yes, it’s for Saturday and Sunday.

Receptionist : Do you want regular or special rooms?

David : I do not understand, what do you mean about those kind of rooms?

Receptionist : Regular room is such kind of room without the swimming pool in the balcony and fitness facility, and you will not get a service for the golf court. While, when you book for the special room, we are going to serve you by those elements that you do not get in the regular room.

David : So, if I take for special room, it’s mean that I have a free access for the swimming pool, fitness facilities, and the golf. Is it right?

Receptionist : Yes sir, you are right.

David : What cost those are?

Receptionist : $150 for special room and $100 for regular room.

David : Ok, that’s reasonable and I book two special rooms and for two nights.

Receptionist : Do want to pay it cash or using your credit card?

David : Credit card.

Receptionist : Ok, I will process it soon. Please give me for a minute sir.

David : Ok, no problem.