Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Bandara (Terbaru)

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Airport staff: Welcome to Syah airport. Could you please show me your ticket?

Adrian: Yes here you are.

Airport staff: Thank you. Is this only for one travelling? Or you have anyone else here?

Adrian: it’s only for me and I don’t have anyone else that joins.

Airport staff: Ok, thank you and do you have your passport for you?

Adrian: Wait, oh I got it. Here they are.

Airport staff: Good. I will ask you some questions. It’s quite simple because you only need to answer yes or no.

Adrian: OK, no problem.

Airport staff: Did you meet someone who asked you to take anything when you were in the plane?

Adrian: No.

Airport staff: Are you the sole possessor for all the luggage?

Adrian: Yes we are.

Airport staff: Have you ever left your luggage without attention at the airport?

Adrian: No.

Airport staff: In your possession, are you bringing or having some firearm or any other weapon?

Adrian: No.

Airport staff: Are you having a flammable material in your luggage?

Adrian: No.

Airport staff: That’s good. Could you please put your luggage here?

Adrian: Ok.

Airport staff: One more question for you, what seat do you like? An aisle seat or a window?

Adrian: Could you please give me a seat near the emergency exit?

Airport staff: Sure. I am placing you in 21A. You are able start boarding the plane in 30 minutes. While the plane will take off in 1 hour.

Adrian:  Thank you for all your help.

Airport staff: You’re welcome.