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Mammals are the class of vertebrate and primarily characterized by the presence of mammary glands. They also have hair, and the endothermic body or we always say that as the “warm-blooded”.  The females produce milk as the source of their food. Their brain regulates the circulatory system, including the heart that has four divided rooms. They comprise more than 5.000 genera, 425 families scattered in and up to 46 orders, although those classifications depend on the scientific used.

Mammals have three bones of hearing in each ear and a bone (dentari) on each side of the lower jaw. Other vertebrates that have ears only have one bone of hearing (that is, stapes) in each ear and at least three other bones on each side of the jaw.

Birds of Prey

Birds of prey are birds that get their food by hunting. They fly and use the keen senses, especially their seeing. They are defined as birds that primarily hunt vertebrates, including other birds. Their claws and beaks tend to be relatively large, powerful and can be adapted for tearing flesh. In most cases, females are larger than males. Due to their predatory lifestyle, they are often at the top of the food chain.

Several types of birds of prey can migrate. Some of them are eagle which are able to migrate from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere that reaches thousands of kilometers away. The migration is also usually done by spinning fly (soaring) for a few minutes. To perform soaring, these birds of prey follow the flow of the hot air (thermal) which the direction is from the bottom to up. They need to do soaring to save their energy when flying.


The eagle is one of the animals found in a whole area of Indonesia. In English, eagle or hawk refers to the large birds of prey in the genus of Aquila.
Eagles are warm-blooded animals. They have wings and body which are covered with midrib fur. For birds, eagles breed by laying eggs on the nest they have made. The mother keeps until the little eagles are able to fly.

Eagles are predator. The main food is small mammals such as mice, squirrels, lizard, fish and chicken, as well as the types of insects but depends on the body size. There is partial eagle catching a fish as their main meal. Usually eagles live on the waters area. Eagle’s beak is curved and toothless but it’s strong enough to rip the flesh. This bird also has a pair of strong legs and sharp and curved nails for gripping the prey. Furthermore, their sharp eyesight is useful to hunt from a long distance.

Eagles have a good respiratory system and are able to provide the amount of oxygen that is much needed when flying. Their heart consists of four chambers as humans. Upper chambers are known as the atria, while the lower chamber is recognized as the ventricles.