Tata Cara Menggunakan With, dan By dalam Bahasa Inggris

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I cut my hair by scissor atau I cut my hair with scissor? Kedua kalimat tersebut kadang kala membingungkan apakah kita harus menggunakan by atau with. Menurut Anda? Jika Anda belum mengetahui atau ragu-ragu atas jawabannya, silakan lihat penjelasan yang ada di bawah ini.




Digunakan untuk mengindikasikan keterlibatan atau kebersamaan (involving)


I prefer to choose a sandwich with tea.

I came to your house with my mother.

She is working with her little brother in the garage.

Don’t worry, I will be with you tonight.


Digunakan untuk mengindikasikan kepunyaan (having)


Yesterday, I saw a guy with a black hat in front of your house.

There is no one talking with a perfect grammar.

People with a lot money on their hand are usually happy.


Digunakan untuk mengindikasikan penggunaan (using)


She is writing a new note with your pen.

Your soup that made with an organic vegetable is more delicious.

I cut my hair with a new scissor.


Digunakan untuk mengindikasikan perasaan (feeling)


I was writing this letter with a full of happiness.

She was walking on the stage with a high confidence.

I visit your brother with an angry.


Digunakan untuk mengungkapkan persetujuan


I am completely sure with you.

Are you with me at this moment?

Do you agree with me?



Digunakan untuk mengungkapkan dekatnya jarak


Can I stand by you?

May I sit by you?

My home is by that bank.


Digunakan dalam kalimat pasif


My car was fixed by a professional mechanic.

The book was brought by Andy.

My pen was stolen by your daughter.


Digunakan untuk mengungkapkan action dengan tujuan tertentu


By studying hard, you can easily pass the exam.

You will be able to express your mind by writing a note.

I cannot remember your phone only by reading not writing.