Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 3 Orang Tentang Perkenalan

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Berikut ini, terdapat sebuah contoh teks percakapan bahasa Inggris 3 orang tentang perkenalan yang dibuat melalui ucapan-ucapan singkat sehingga tidak menyulitkan Anda. Semoga memberikan manfaat. 🙂


Andra: Hello, I am Andra. I am a new student here.

Jonas: Hi, I am Jonas. Good to see you Andra. Have you know some friends?

Andra: Not yet. You are my first.

Jonas: Really? Ok, I am going to meet my best friend, her name is Andrea. Come on, I will introduce you to her.

Andra: Great! Ok, let’s go. Where is her class?

Jonas: Over there, the A class.

Andra: Wow, she must be smart.

Jonas: Where do you live Andra?

Andra: I live on Sudirman street.

Jonas: Good. It’s near from this school.

Andra: Yeah, because of that reason, I choose this school. How about you? Where do you live?

Jonas: I live so far from here. It’s on Pasundan street number 45.

Andra: Really? I often go there because my cousin lives on Pasundan street number 48.

Jonas: Hmmm, so you are Andika’s cousin?

Andra: Yup, you’re right!

Jonas: Come to my house if you visit your cousin.

Andra: Of course. Hey, is that Andrea?

Jonas: Yes, how do you know?

Andra: I just guess it.

Jonas: Hi Andrea. How are you?

Andrea: I am fine. How about you? And.. who is this boy? Is he a new student?

Jonas: I am fine too. Oh yes, you are right. He is Andra. His name is similar with you.

Andrea: Hi Andra. Good to see you here. Come on, come to my class.

Andra: Hi Andrea. Ok, let’s check your class out.

Andrea: So, tell me how you can you get here?

Andra: My family moved to this city. When I realized that I live in the same street with this school. I register here soon.

Andrea: Do you live here? I mean, in Sudirman street?

Andra: Yaph.

Andrea: Is your father is an army? I assume like that, because in this city, we have an army basecamp.

Andra: Yes you’re right. Is your father work as an army too?

Andrea: Yes, so does Jonas’s father.

Jonas: Wow great. So, our father is an army.

Andra: What an unpredictable situation, and where do you live Andrea?

Andrea: I live on Pahlawan street.

Andra: Not far from here right?

Andrea: Yes, it just next two streets. If you have a time, come to my house after school with Jonas. I have some cake for you guys.

Andra: Really? I go. How about you Jonas?

Jonas: Yes of course. The Andrea’s cake is always delicious.