Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Bank (Terbaru)

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Percakapan bisa terjadi dimanapun. Salah satu percakapan yang biasa terjadi adalah percakapan di Bank antara teller dengan costumer atau costumer service dengan costumer. Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris di Bank berikut ini bisa memberikan Anda referensi bagaimana berbicara di situasi atau transaksi bank. Semoga memberikan manfaat.

Customer Service: Have a sit please..

Sandra: Thank you.

Customer Service: What can I do for you?

Sandra: I want to open a bank account.

Customer Service: What kind of account that you want to open?

Sandra: I only want to open a checking account.

Customer Service: I am sorry, if you want to open it, you need to open a saving account too.

Sandra: So, you mean that I need open both checking and saving account?

Customer Service: Yes you’re right.

Sandra: Ok, I will open both of them.

Customer Service: All right. You may fill the form first, read all the term of service and sign every application.

Sandra: Ok. Give me a few minutes.

Customer Service: Sure.

Sandra: Sorry, I am a student, so I haven’t work yet. Should I fill the number of my monthly income here?

Customer Service: No, you don’t need to do that. Just let it empty.

Sandra: Ok thank you. I have read all the term of service and fill out the form. Here is the applications.

Customer Service: Have you signed it?

Sandra: Oh, I forget. Give me a minute…

Customer Service: Ok..

Sandra: I have done.

Customer Service: Good. May I see? While I am checking these documents, you need to prepare your citizen registered card.

Sandra: Ok, it’s in the bag and… here you are.

Customer Service: You have followed all things that you need to open an account. Now, how much will you deposit to this account?

Sandra: What is the minimal deposit?

Customer Service: $50.

Sandra: I am going to deposit $100.

Customer Service: Good could I please see your money and save into your new account.

Sandra: Sure.

Customer Service: The process will be take place for about 10 minutes. It takes long enough because I need to make your new saving book, and the card.

Sandra: No problem. I will patiently wait for you here.

Customer Service: Thank you. 🙂

10 Minutes Later…

Customer Service: I have settled your account. Here is the debit card and this is the saving book where you can see the amount of your money there. I also have an evenlope which contains the secret number of your card and the procedure of saving, transferring, and other transactions in our Bank.

Sandra: Ok great. I will call this Bank if I get a problem.

Customer Service: I am happy to wait your call.

Sandra: Thank you very much.

Customer Service: You’re welcome.