Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Perpustakaan (Terbaru)

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Berikut terdapat sebuah percakapan antara siswa baru dengan penjaga perpustakaan yang ingin meminjam buku dan bertanya banyak hal. Semoga Anda menyukainya dan semoga bermanfaat. 🙂

Sherly: Good morning sir, I am a new student. Would you like to show me where the mathematics book rack is?

Librarian: Good morning. Go straight, turn left, and you will see the book rack. What is your grade?

Sherly: I am a second grade student.

Librarian: You can find it on the top.

Sherly: Thanks you sir.

Librarian: You’re welcome.

5 minutes later…

Sherly: Sir, I couldn’t find mathematics book at that bookrack.

Librarian: Really?

Sherly: Yes sir, did some students borrow it?

Librarian: Ok, let me check the data first.

Sherly: Yes sir, no problem.

Librarian: I am sorry to say that so many students have taken all of those books. You can wait until tomorrow, because some of them will return it.

Sherly: Oh my god. I have a homework and it should be finished tomorrow morning. May I get the name of those students? I mean, I wanna contact them and may be they let me to borrow that book for a night.

Librarian: Yes of course, you can write their names now. Can you make it fast? Because I have to go.

Sherly: Ok sir, it doesn’t take a long time.

5 minutes later..

Sherly: Sir, I have written the names and thank you for your help.

Librarian: Ok, no problem. I am happy to help you.