Contoh Teks Bahasa Inggris Tentang Banjir Serta Macam-Macamnya

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Flooding is a natural phenomenon that is common in a lot of areas drained by the river flow. Simply, flooding can be defined so the presence of water in a vast region that covers the earth’s surface area. There are various kinds of flooding caused by several things, including:

Water Flood

This one is so common. The cause of this flood is the overflow of river, lake, or ditch so the water will be overflow and inundate the land. Generally, this kind of flooding caused by the rain which fell constantly so the river or lake can no longer hold the water.

Spontaneous flood

This type of flooding is almost the same with previous flood. But this flood caused by torrential rain with water discharge in a very much volume. Flood eventually occurs due to water-abundant of rain which can not immediately flow through the channel or ditch around the house residents.

Flash floods

Flood does not only come with water, but it also transports materials such as mud. Floods like this are obviously more dangerous than water because someone will not be able to swim in the midst of this flood to save themselves. It washes away everything that possible, because the damage is very high. Usually this flood will wash away some forest trees or large boulders. These materials can certainly damage the settlement residents in the area surrounding the mountains.

Tidal flood (tide)

Tidal flood is a flood caused by the sea water. Floods like this are often hit town Muara Baru in Jakarta. The tide sea water generally occurs when the dam will hold the water that has accumulated which finally able to break through levees and flooded the land.

Cold lava flood

One of the kinds of floods is a cold lava flood. This type of flooding usually only occurs when a volcanic eruption comes. The eruption then produces a cold lava flow from the summit of the mountain and to the land beneath. It results the silting of the river and so the water can be easily spills into residential areas.


This flood is identical with the flood that happens in the Sidoarjo. It is similar with the flash flood but more due to the discharge of sludge from the earth and flooded land. Mud out of the earth is not an ordinary mud, but also contain certain chemicals and hazardous gases. Until now, a flood in Sidoarjo hot mud cannot be overcome well, even it arises new bursts of dots around the main point of the mudflow.