Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris 8 Orang Bertemakan Kehidupan Keluarga

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Contoh Naskah Drama dalam Bahasa Inggris 8 Orang Bertemakan Kehidupan Keluarga – Halo semua, hari ini, ada sebuah drama yang dibuat oleh sebuah kelompok seni pertunjukan dari Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris di Universitas Lampung, mereka adalah:

  1. Yohanes Agung Pratama
  2. Luh Ayu FM
  3. Nita Sitta Rachma
  4. Marshela Risdanti
  5. Ratih Widiasari
  6. Sofia Permatasari
  7. Komang Mega Susanti
  8. Kharis Munandar

Mereka menciptakan sebuah drama yang bercerita tentang sebuah keluarga dengan kompleksitas persoalannya. Berjudul Lovely Man, dan inilah dialog dari setiap scene nya. 🙂


(scene 1) The sun goes down and the stars come out to make the dark sky looks beautiful. Umi Gamah is teaching many kind of prayers to her lovely daughter, her only child, named Nurul. She really proud of Nurul. (adzan is calling…)

Nurul: “ya ayyuhal ladziina aamanu kutiba alaikumus siyam kama kutiba alal ladziina min koblikum la’allakum tattakuun”

Umi Gamah: Alhamdullilah, you can recite it fluently,dear.

Nurul: yes mom. Anyway, why do you always teach me anything about religion mom? What for?

Umi Gamah: of course for you, dear. Why do I always teach you so, those prayers will protect you wherever you stay. Whether you are in school, market, or in every place that I can not control you. So that Alloh will protect you, dear.

Nurul: I see mom, but I think it would better if there is a dad who can protect me wherever. Akh.. how poor I am. Do I forget that I have not dad.

Umi Gamah: sstt… why do you say so, dear? Your dad is still working in Jakarta. He looking much money to our necessities, for your school too.

Nurul: Oh mom, you always say so. If my dad really work in Jakarta, looking much money for us, then why you never permit me to see him there?! At least, let me say thanks for his willing to fullfill our necessities.

Umi Gamah: you do not it to, dear. Just let it be. Lets pray for him. May Alloh always make dad happy, health, and keep working there.

Nurul: but till when, mom? Since I was child, you seperate me from him. I can not wait anymore. I really miss him, mom.

Umi Gamah: hussstt!!! Enough dear. Do not talk too much about it. Well, I want to prepare our dinnerand you have to keep this thing neatly. Then we will get dinner together. Ok my dear?

Nurul: ah, ok mom!

Umi Gamah goes to kitchen. Nurul clean up her veil. Suddenly, she finds an old piece of paper which state someone address on it.

Nurul: ouch!! Whose address is this? Is this address belong to my father’s address? (Nurul talks to herself)

(scane 2) At School. The bell is ringing, Nurul, Zahra, dan Farah are going to canteento take a rest. (arrived in canteen)

Nurul: guys, I want to tell you something. I really want to go to Jakarta to meet my father, but I do not have any permission from my mom to go there. She warns me not to meet him.

Zahra+Farah: why your mother doesn’t give permission to meet your father?

Nurul: yes, my mom said that I will be dissapoint if I know the reality. But I really want to know where my father is. Is he good or not? Where is my father’s work? I just know that he only gives some money for us.

Zahra: Nurul, enough!.. you need to hear your mother. You can not leave her alone in here. Beside that you have never came to Jakarta before.

Nurul: but, I really want to meet my father. I want to see his face. Someone who struggles for my life and my family.

Zahra: but your mother does not let you to go there. Do you still want to go there even your mother doesn not let you go?

Farah: but wait… what’s wrong if a child wants to meet her father> when did the last time that you met him?

Nurul: ehm… when I was child around 15 years ago. I miss him alot. I miss when I was playing in the rain with him, singing with him together. Ohh.. 

Farah: ok, now you have grow up. I suggest that you have better go to Jakarta.

Zahra: but eventhough you have grow up, you need to hear your mother. She knows better than you.

Nurul: be quiet….

Farah: it’s better for you to go. It’s a right time to meet your father. isn’t it? Believe me.

Zahra: do not Nurul. Think about your mother! She will be alone. Jakarta is too wide, how come you can meet him alone?

Farah: believe me, Nurul. Go now!! Before you regret with your own decission.

Nurul: ok, I go home first. I need to prepare for tomorrow.

Zahra and Farah go.

On the way to home, Khafis comes to room.

Farah: I think, it’s Khafis. I am sure, he is Khafis!! (greets) Khafis, where you wanna go? Are you alone? Can I accompany you ?

Khafis: do you know where is Nurul?

Farah: huft..  nurul again nurul again. I do not now. She went home an hours ago.

Khafis: ok, I will find her. Thanks.

Farah: why are you in hurry? Do we have lunch together?

Khafis: I do not have much time. I need to find Nurul now. Bye.

Farah: you always like that. Up to you. Find your Nurul!!

Zahra is coming.

Khafis: hi Zahra. From where? Do you know Nurul?

Zahra: she said that she wanted to go to Jakarta tomorrow. She wanted to meet her father.

Khafis: what?! Jakarta?

Zahra: why? Is there anything wrong?

Khafis: there is something important that I want to tell herbut I never can find her.

Zahra: do you have a problem with Nurul? Do you call her?

Khafis: yes I have. But she always reject my phone. Everytime I always look for her but she always ignore me. Now, I understand why she did it.

Zahra: oh… you can tell me your problem, now.

Khafis: “confuce” hmmmm…

Zahra: trust me. I can keep your secret. Do not worry.

Khafis: ok, long time ago, we did a sex. You know what I mean?

Zahra: what? Seriously?!

Khafis: yes. I am serious.

Zahra: oh God! So what is your plan, now?

Khafis: I think, it is the effect from us. I believe that Nurul is pregnant.

Zahra: oh, God!

Khafis: can you help me, Zahra? Tell me when she is coming back from Jakarta. Please, tell her, I have been looking for her hardly. I do not her to handle it itself. Moreover, to tell her mother. Tell her I will be a responsible guy.

Zahra: ok fis. I will tell her when she is coming back from Jakarta. Be patient.

Khafis: ok, thanks alot.

(scane 3) Nurul arrives in Jakarta. She looks confuce to looking for her father’s house. Because it is the first time for her to visit Jakarta. After walking long street, she looks to the adress in the post card. Finally, she arrives in that place. Then, she walks to the shop.

Nurul: excuse me, mam. Do you know this place? (showing her post card)

Zainab: let me see. (pointing the pace) that place?! Do you looking for someone?

Nurul: yes mam. I am looking for Mr. Fikri.

Zainab: Fikri? Who are him? There is no Fikri here. Oh, Ipuy. You mean Ipuy? Who are you?

Nurul: Ipuy? Oh.. I am his daughter.

Zainab: his daughter? Are you kidding me? He has a daughter, hasn’t he?

Nurul: what’s wrong, mam?

Zainab: ehmm… forget it. He is not home in this time like this. But, just try to go to 3rd floor in 413.

Nurul: thank you very much, mam.

Zainab: yes. If you can not meet him, you can find him at that bridge.

(tutup hordeng) (buka hordeng)

Nurul: “tok.. tok.. tok…” assalamuallaikum.. anybody home? Maybe nobody here. I will go to the bridge to find him.

(tutup tirai) (buka tirai)

Ipuy: “free act”

Madam Tuso : hey Ipuy.! How much you get tonight?

Ipuy: nothing. I got nothing. I am just here.

Madam Tuso : did you win tonight? Thursday night, am I right?

Ipuy: hahahaha… do you have cigarrete?

Madam Tuso : no. Let you go to Zainab’s shop.

Ipuy: akhh… I will go there. I am so crazy now. Bye bye saiiiii

Madam Tuso : ohh.. go go go… bye cinnnt…

(tutup tirai) (buka tirai)

Ipuy: mak… ciggarette please.. one.

Zainab: this! Ehh cint.. just now, there is a lady looking for you. Did you meet her?

Ipuy: lady? Who? No!

Zainab: yes chint. Young lady. She wears a head cover.

Ipuy: to which ways?

Zainab: (pointing the way) just now I saw to that bridge.

Ipuy: ok mak thank you.. I will go there now. Debt again mak… (running)

Zainab: pay it! Huh your debt is too much. Ipuy!!!!!!

(tutup tirai) (buka tirai)

Nurul is walking away, and Ipuy chasing her.

Ipuy: woy woy woy!!! Stop!

Nurul: yes. You call me?

Ipuy: why you look for me? I am Fikri.

Nurul: father.. (hugging)

Ipuy: father? did I marry with you mother?

Nurul: don’t you know me? I am Nurul. Your daughter.

Ipuy: nurul? What are you doing here? Is it because of money?

Nurul: no no. I never mean like that. I just wanna meet you, dad.

Ipuy: “bekep mulut” hey hey hey!!! Don’t call me father! I am not your father anymore! What do you want now?

Nurul: I only want to meet you, dad. But… (muntah)

Ipuy: are you sick? Have you eaten?

Nurul: I am ok dad. Not yet.  I have not eat anything from this morning.

Ipuy: bitch! Ok, follow me now! But don’t too close from me.

Nurul: yes, dad. “smile” 

(Tutup hordeng) (buka hordeng)

Watress(atih): eat what? (sinis)

Ipuy: coffee. You nur?!

Nurul: bread and hot tea, dad.

Ipuy: cincong yahh… don’t call me father!! I am not your father!

Ipuy: eh eh.. cigarrete!

Waitress: ok. A minute.

Ipuy: eh, do you feel ashamed to go with me?

Nurul: no no, why you say that?

Ipuy: idiot. Look at me. And look at you! Its like sky and earth!

Waitress: here you are.

Nurul: thank you.

Ipuy: eat that!

Nurul: ok dad.

Ipuy: is it tasty?

Nurul: “ngangguk” yes dad. I wanna go to the toilet.

Ipuy: hmm..

“nurul ke WC muntah dan buka jilbab”

Nurul: “smile” can you see me now? We are not different anymore. Can we talk again?

Ipuy: “ bengong”

Nurul: dad?

Ipuy: heh. Iyeesss.. what do you do now? How about your mother?

Nurul: she is ok dad. Why you never visit me and mom? We’ve missed you..

Ipuy: who are you? I am working here! Money? Its for you and your mom. How about your school?

Nurul: alhamdullilah… I am graduated, dad. Now, I wanna go to register a course.

Ipuy: “gebrak meja” so, you find me only for asking money money and money!!!

Nurul: no, dad. I only want to meet you. Just it.

Ipuy: ok. Because this is the first time for you come to Jakarta,I will guide you. But just for tonight! Ok.

Nurul: but dad…

Ipuy: silent! Btw, your mother doesn’t know you are here, right?

Nurul: no dad. I was going when she’s not home. But I leave a note for her. I’ve told her that I’ll find you.

Ipuy: ohh….

(roy masuk dan ngeliat Ipuy sama nurul)

Ipuy: baby… why are you here?

Roy: who is he?

Ipuy: oh she? She is only my old story.

Roy: are you busy baby? (touch ipuy’s boob)

Ipuy: ohh,,, darling.. its been long time we are not…. hey nurul! Go out. Wait me there!

Nurul: ok dad.

Ipuy: so where?

Roy: there!

Ipuy: ok come on….

(tirai tutup, lempar kolor baju) (buka tirai)

(roy ngerapihin baju, ipuy di belakang cengengesan)

Roy: OMG! Ipuy! Its really satisfying because of you. Tomorrow again I will call you, ok? (kiss) this is for you.

Ipuy: thanks baby…

Roy: I go now. Don’t forget to call me tomorrow.

Ipuy: ok mas…(kiss kiss kiss)

(mereka keluar semua) (hordeng tutup)

(nurul diajak jalan-jalan ke jakarta buat malam ini aja. Akhirnya dia diajak ke tempat mangkal dan ngenalin ke madam)

Ipuy: madam, this is my daughter.

Madam tuso: you have a daughter? Really? Hahahaha

Ipuy: haha,, its true.

Nurul: hi sir, eh mam, eh .. nurul.

Madam tuso: nice name. Have a meal?

Nurul: I have mam, alhamdullilah…

(lagu chifehat sambil ketawa-ketawa)

Ipuy: ehh.. its close to dawn. I will go now.

Madam tuso: it’s quicker? Really? Cock hasn’t wake up.

Ipuy: kelessssssssssssss… bye madam.

Madam tuso: yoaaa…

(ipuy keluar, hordeng tutup) (buka hordeng)

Ipuy: You are in what month?

Nurul: what do you mean, dad?

Ipuy: pregnant, right? Don’t you think I can’t guess.

Nurul: how do you know, dad? I am in the eight weeks.

Ipuy: idihh… you are wearing a head cover, but you are be pregnant by guy before marriage.

Nurul: I don’t know what you mean, dad.

Ipuy: helehh…. so what will you do?

Nurul: I don’t know how to, dad. Give me a suggestion dad, please! I am really confuced.

Ipuy: does your mother know it?

Nurul: no, dad.

Ipuy: so, what do you want?

Nurul actually, I wanna make my child grow up later. But, I am afraid I can not do so. I am scared that my child will be left by her dad later. Just like me.

Ipuy: you mean? I am leaving you and your mother is for working! Take much money for you.

Nurul: so, do you think, what should I do?

Ipuy: who is your boyfriend? Is he pussy like me?

Nurul: no, dad. He just common guy in the hometown…

Ipuy: so, what’s the problem? At least he is not like me.

Nurul: so, what I am going to do?

(adzan subuh)

Ipuy: adzan. Don’t you sholat?

Nurul: I do, dad. You?

Ipuy: no. Honestly, if I heard adzan, I feel so comfortable.

Nurul: ok…

Ipuy: I’ll wait here..

(roy dan kawanannya datang ke ipuy)

Roy: woy woy!!! Ipuy!

Ipuy: eh baby…

Roy: don’t call me baby! What are you doing here?! You do repant? Hahaha

Ipuy: no. Its not like that. I am taken a rest here.

Roy: halah!!! Don’t ack so dramatic in front of me! I know that you have Aids, isn’t it? F*ck you! I know that its infecting me!

Ipuy: hahh? No no!!! Who’s said?

Roy: don’t be a liar!!! I have to go to doctor!

Ipuy: but, I don’t have a money now.

Roy: oh, it’s easy for you to say that! Now, follow me.

(roy narik ipuy dari masjid, dan kawanannya mukulin sampe babak belur)

(setting: after praying subuh, nurul finds her father unconciously)

Ipuy: go back home! You said that you only want to meet your father. you do!

Nurul: but I wanna come back home with my father. with you!

Ipuy: impossible! I have to stay here. I have to work!

Nurul: but I wanna be with you!

Ipuy: stop it, nur. Don’t expect too much. Poor your mom waiting for you.

Nurul: but I wanna be with you! I need you! How can I explain this pregnancy to mom?! I can not do that! I need you, dad.

Ipuy: akhh… don’t be a drama queen! Every problem should be faced. You can, nur.

Nurul: hmm… ok (sigh). Let me go home. Wish me best for all these things, dad. Asalamuallaikum… I will not promise to keep this pregnancy, dad…

(nur going away)

(ipuy stands up from sitting and run to hug Nur)

Ipuy: lets go home, daughter!

(tutup tirai) (buka tirai)

(ipuy pake peci, baju koko. )

(mother and nurul pake mukena)

(ipuy gelar sajadah diikuti mom and nurul.)

( jojo mimpin sholat)

(tutup tirai) (buka tirai)

(closing) end…

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