Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Tempat Wisata

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Berikut ini, ada sebuah percakapan bahasa Inggris di tempat wisata antara Neville sebagai seorang turis dengan Naufal sebagai seorang pemandu atau disebut dengan guide. Semoga percakapan singkat di bawah ini dapat memberikan manfaat kepada Anda. 🙂

Neville: Hi, my name is Neville. Do you speak English?

Naufal: Hi, I am Naufal. Yes I do. What can I do for you Neville?

Neville: I am sorry, I need a partner to go around and do you want to me my guide?

Naufal: Yes. I know this place very well, so I think there will no problem if I accompany you while explaining many things of this beautiful tour destination.

Neville: Thank you so much. I need you only for today, so how much should I pay?

Naufal: Oh I see. You just have to spend five hundred thousand rupiah..

Neville: No problem. Give me your best Naufal.

Naufal: Sure I will do my best.

Neville: Ok what place that we are going to start?

Naufal: An hour later, we will arrive at a very high waterfall. The name is Sundanice waterfall.

Neville: Hmm, great! I like it.

Naufal: Of course. The Sundanice waterfall is a highest one in this island and you are so lucky because you can reach it easily. The height is about 40 meters. It was named as a Sundanice because an English found it tens of years ago and because he found the waterfall in near the Sunda tribe circumstances, he named it as a Sundanice. Also, the name “nice” came from the waterfall itself. The waterfall is so nice, big, and beautiful.

Neville: What a great story. I don’t realize that my ancestor found the highest waterfall in Java island. Who is his name?

Naufal: Who? Your ancestor?

Neville: Yes of course..

Naufal: David Chloe… Hey, look. We have arrived.

Neville: Oh my god. That was the biggest waterfall that I have ever seen.

Naufal: Hmm, I told you. Let’s swim Neville.

Neville: Ok, let’s go!