25 Contoh Noun yang Diikuti Oleh To Infinitives dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Di dalam penggunaan noun + to infinitives, kita biasanya mempunyai tujuan yaitu mengekspresikan kebutuhan atau kemungkinan di dalam bahasa Inggris. Misalnya, I have no money to buy a food. (Saya tidak mempunyai uang untuk membeli mobil), jadi to infinitive (to buy) yang ada setelah noun digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu kebutuhan akan uang untuk membeli makanan.

Contoh-contoh selanjutnya ada di tabel berikut ini:


1adviceYour advice to stop the business is good for me.
2appealHis appeal to reduce the price should be obeyed.
3attemptOur attempt to win the competition was successful.
4chanceIn indonesia, you will have a chance to live in peace.
5decisionThe government's decision to increase the gasoline's cost is not good.
6desireI don't have any desire to get this job.
7dreamMy drem to become a president will never realized.
8goalI have a goal to win this mathematics competition.
9motivationWhy don't you have any motivation to enter this big company?
10needI need to fix this problem fast.
11opportunityYou don't have any opportunity to get a job if you still stay here.
12orderI can't follow his order to kill a horse.
13permissionThe permission to enter this room is quite difficult to get.
14planI have a plan to climb a mountain. Will you join with me?
15preparationOur preparation to make a presentation was not good enough.
16proposalOur country's proposal to host a FIFA World Cup seems to be accepted.
17recommendationCan you give me a recommendation to close this place?
18refusalYou shouldn't make a refusal to help your mother.
19reminderI need your reminder to finish the jobs every day.
20requestYour request to buy a car couldn’t be granted.
21requirementThe job's requirement to be able speaking english is so hard for me.
22suggestionMy suggestion to drive this car rather than yours was absolutely right.
23tendencyI don't see any tendency to get advantage from others.
24wishHer wish to become a supermodel should be appreciated.
25wayThere is no way to improve your english anymore.