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The Causes and Effects of Global Warming


One of the biggest problems that we are facing today is global warming. The impact on farm and animals is absolutely worrying, especially for the human population which has been very scary. The facts about global warming are often debated in politics and the media. But, unfortunately, although many people do not agree about the causes of global warming, it keeps occur globally. Here are five causes and the effects of global warming.

Carbon dioxide emissions from electrical generator


The increasing use of electricity supplied from coal power releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 40 % of CO2 emissions generated by the production of U.S., and 93 percent of which comes from coal combustion emissions in the utility industry. Each day, the market is flooded with more and more gadgets which need power usage, but it is not supported by an alternative energy. Thus we will hang more on burning coal for electricity supply throughout the world.

Carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of gasoline in vehicles

Vehicles that we use are the source of approximately 33% of emissions. It affects to the increasing of global warming. With the number of people which have been growing until touch the alarming rate, of course, it will increase the demand for vehicles more and more. It means the use of fossil fuels for transportation and plant will be growing fast. When it has increased so high, then the best way is reducing the use of vehicle and choose the public transportation.

Methane emissions from farms and the Arctic seabed

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is very strong which stands one level below the CO2. When organic matter is broken down by bacteria in low oxygen (anaerobic decomposition) then the methane will be generated. This process also occurs in the intestines of herbivorous animals, and with the increasing amount of concentrated livestock production, the level of methane that released into the atmosphere will increase. Other sources of methane is methane clathrate which is a compound containing a large amount of methane which is trapped within the structure of icebergs. If the methane is out of the Arctic seabed, the rate of global warming will increase significantly.

Deforestation, especially tropical forests which used for wood, pulp, and farmland

The use of forests for fuel (both wood and charcoal) is one of the causes of deforestation. Worldwide consumption of wood and paper products has been increasing fast in many decades. Also, the use of tropical forest lands for commodities like oil palm plantations is also become a major cause of deforestation in the world. It would result the release of carbon in the large amounts into the atmosphere.

The rise of sea level around the world

Scientists predict that the sea level rise is due to the melting of two massive ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland, especially on the east coast of the U.S.. Many countries around the world will feel the effects of rising sea levels. It could force millions of people to search for a new home. Maldives is one of the countries that the people need to find a new home which is due to the rising sea levels.