Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Menanyakan Arah Jalan, dan Tempat

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Sebelumnya, telah ada pembahasan mengenai percakapan tentang menanyakan tempat, kemudian ada pula frase serta kalimat untuk menanyakan arah jalan. Kemudian, kini saya akan memberikan kepada Anda mengenai contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris yang di dalamnya terdapat kalimat-kalimat untuk menanyakan arah jalan atau tempat.

John: Excuse me, I am looking for the Jasa Raharja building, could you tell me how I get there?

Diana: Yeah, you have to go straight down this street for three blocks. When you get BNI bank’s building, you turn left, and you will pass the fruit shop. Stay on there, and turn right. Go straight for two house, and you will find it.

John: Thank you very much.

Diana: You’re welcome.

John: Oh, I forget something. After I get there, I need to go to barbershop. Where is the nearest one in here?

Diana: After you go out from Jasa Raharja Building, turn left and go straight. In the first crossroads, turn left and you will see it.

John: Oh great. I need to say a lot of thanks for you.

Diana: No problem. Are new the newest one in this city?

John: Yeah, I moved from London several days ago.

Diana: Where do you live?

John: In an apartment behind this supermarket. It’s next to the post office.

Diana: Oh I see.

John: And you, where do you live?

Diana: Cross the street in front of your apartment, turn right and go straight after you see a car repair shop. My home is next two houses after it.

John: Oh my god. You are my neighbor.

Diana: Yeah, come to my home if you want.

John: Thanks, I will go there soon. I am John,,

Diana: I am Diana. Ok, see you John.

John: See you Diana.