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Contoh descriptive text about Elephant, itulah topik pembahasan kita kali ini. Semua dari kita tentu tahu bahwa gajah merupakan hewan yang sangat besar dan mempunyai berat hingga berton-ton. Salah satu gajah yang terkenal di dunia adalah gajah Sumatera. Ini adalah gajah yang terkenal di dunia dan mempunyai risiko kepunahan yang cukup tinggi.

Sudahkah Anda tahu mengenai gajah Sumatera lebih jauh? Kalau belum, maka ada contoh descriptive text about elephant berikut yang bisa memberikan deskripsi secara lebih jelas mengenai gajah Sumatera.

Sumatran Elephant

Sumatran elephants are the descendants of Asian elephants which can be found only in the region of Sumatera island. Generally, they have a smaller body size than the Indian elephant. They are one of the species that are very protected in Indonesia. The protection is done because the Sumatran elephant population began to decline, rare, and endangered species which will be extinct. According to the results of the survey conducted in 2000 there were about 2000 to 2700 species. But now, 65% of the population died due to killed by humans by gun and poisoned. Now, the habitats that were inhabited by Sumatran elephants have been changed into plantations.

The Sumatran elephants are the largest mammals that exist in Indonesia. They are around 6 tons and their height is about of 3.5 m. Elephants have a long enough period of pregnancy. Their pregnancy period is about 22 months and they can live until 70 years old. Elephants are a kind of smart herbivores because they have bigger brains than the other mammals. Elephant has ears big enough, and it makes their sense of hearing is very good. In addition, the large ears also function as a regulator of body heat. While their trunk works to find or get food and water.

Sumatran elephant has a very structured in their social order life. The social life between male and female elephants is quite different. The female is spending her life in a group consisting of mother, daughter, sister, and many more. This family group is led by the oldest female elephant. Unlike the female elephant, male elephant often spend their time alone to live with their groups. Though elephants have a great body they are very reliable when they have to swim. They even can swim for about 6 hours and can travel in a distance of 50km. Elephant tusks are on the front of the upper jaw, which will continue to grow as long as their life. They have a large skull and strong, where it contains a very smart brain. No wonder that the elephants have a very strong memory, and they never forget the commands that have been taught by the leader. In average, an elephant is able to memorize for about 25 commands.

Elephants are herbivores types. They will at least spend about 16 hours in a day only for collecting the food. Their foods are consists of grass, leaves, twigs, roots, flower seeds and little fruits. They will only digest 40% of what they eat, therefore they should consume the food in large numbers. The Sumatran elephants are the uniqueness of Indonesia and we are the people who have a responsibility to protect them.