25 Kata Kerja Dalam Bahasa Inggris yang Digunakan Sehari-hari dan Contoh Kalimatnya

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Berikut ini, terdapat 25 contoh kata kerja dalam bahasa Inggris yang digunakan dalam aktivitas sehari-hari beserta contoh kalimatnya. Semoga bisa memberikan manfaat kepada Anda.

1. Has/Have

  • My sister has a pet.
  • We have English class twice a week.

2. Do

  • Have you done your English assignment?
  • My brother does the house cores very well.

3. Say

  • My teacher says that we should never give up to pursue our dreams.
  • Who says when you fall in love, you lose your logic, too?

4. Get

  • I get A for my writing class.
  • Sean always gets up at five sharp in weekdays.

5. Make

  • Would you please to make me a coffee?
  • Jordan makes my face turn red when he says “I love the way you smile.”

6. Go

  • Reuben will go to Bali on next holiday.
  • I go to market by feet and I enjoy that!

7. Know

  • I don’t know why I could be suddenly in love with her.
  • We know each other since we are senior high school.

8. Take

  • I will take you home after watching movie.
  • Please take off your shoes before entering this room!

9. See

  • She has never seen such a beautiful beach before like in pantai Klara, Lampung.
  • See you soon!


  • Come to my home on weekend and I will cook for you!
  • Will you come to Desta’s wedding party tomorrow?

11. Think

  • Ferre thinks it’s nice to go home earlier and have dinner with her mom.
  • Diandra thought she couldn’t finish her papers on time, but she can!

12. Look

  • Look at that classic book! That’s what I’m looking for so far.
  • You look gorgeous today, sweetheart!

13. Want

  • My mom wants me to finish my study soon.
  • I want pizza for dinner, please.

14. Give

  • Remi gives me a handmade brachelet, and I just love it!
  • My teacher gives a free movie ticket for those who submit a portofolio very well.


  • Don’t use the glue too much, dear!
  • I use a poem in expressing my feeling.

16. Find

  • I couldn’t find the place that you told to me last week.
  • Borno finds a poor little cat on the way home.


  • My mother usually tells me a story before I sleep.
  • Can you tell me something about our new boss?


  • Ms. Faiqa asks the students to read children book as our homework.
  • I ask my sister to improve her music skill.


  • Kara works eight hours a day.
  • Movic works as a blogger.

20. Seem

  • It seems difficult to start doing exercise, though it’s good for your health!
  • Indra seems to be warm and nice to all his friends.

21. Feel

  • I feel sorry for what happened to you yesterday.
  • I feel happy for your marriage.

22. Try

  • Sheila tries to do her English task by herself, although it’s quite hard!
  • Try this food and you will ask more and more!

23. Leave

  • I have to leave now!
  • When will you leave this country?

24. Call

  • Call me whenever you need!
  • May I call you with your nick name?

25. Put

  • Can you put on your uniform by yourself, dear?
  • You should put your school as your priority since you are still a student.