Pengertian, Jenis, dan Contoh Active Voice

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Pengertian, Jenis, dan Contoh Active Voice – Active voice bisa disebut juga dengan kalimat aktif. Kalimat ini memiliki subjek yang melakukan aksi atau pekerjaan. Beriku ini adalah susunan dalam kalimat aktif:

Subject + Verb + Object/Complement

Jenis-jenis Active Voice (Kalimat Aktif):

1. Kalimat Aktif Transitive

Kalimat aktif transitive adalah kalimat aktif yang kata kerjanya membutuhkan objek. Kalimat jenis ini dapat diubah menjadi kalimat pasif atau yang juga biasa disebut passive voice.


Aktif : They eat strawberries before going to bed.
Pasif : Strawberries are eaten by them before going to bed.

Aktif : We bought some books of J.K. Rowling today.
Pasif : Some books of J.K. Rowling were bought by us today.

Aktif : Triana finds her bag in the rubbish bin.
Pasif : Triana’s bag is found in the rubbish bin.

Aktif : They showed a magic trick in front of many people.
Pasif : A magic trick was shown by them in front of many people.

Aktif : He played a song of the One Direction.
Pasif : A song of One Direction was played by him.

Aktif : They delivered some stuff to my dormitory.
Pasif : Some stuff were delivered to my dormitory by them.

2. Kalimat Aktif Intransitive

Kalimat aktif intransitive adalah kalimat aktif yang kata kerjanya tidak memerlukan objek. Kalimat jenis ini biasanya diperjelas atau ditambah informasinya dengan menggunakan kata keterangan atau pelengkap.


1. I usually sleep at 10 p.m.
2. Diana goes to school by bus everyday.
3. Rere sat on the chair.
4. Sinta sings loudly in the bathroom.
5. Fabian lives with her sisters in downtown.
6. Reza always travels alone to refresh his mind.
7. Fifi runs every morning to burn the calories in her body.
8. The baby cried when her mother went to the office.
9. Shahnaz is studying in her room.
10. Pita didn’t lie to me.
11. Genta only stayed at home when it was holiday.
12. Hugi does not drive carefully.
13. Fathur walked 50 meters to catch the bus.
14. Sofia swims three times a week.
15. Gera feels happy when her mother comes.

3. Kalimat Aktif Dwitransitif

Kalimat jenis ini memiliki objek dan pelengkap.


1. Mr. Farmer feeds his cow everyday.
2. Tasya visited her grandmother to know her condition after going back from hospital.
3. They played soccer in front of Mr. Wawan’s house.
4. We will not tell him anything for some months to make him calm.
5. Firgi eats pizza with his friends.
6. Kalina saved a child who was crossing the street.
7. Wishi learns how to cook from her mother.
8. Sheila reads some books to finish her project.
9. Didin achieves some goals of her life before getting married.
10. We support green forest campaign to make betterment for our next generation.
11. I send my regards to my teachers in the senior high school.
12. Yesterday, she invited me to her wedding party.
13. She has much money because of her hard working.
14. Can you show me the truth to make me sure?
15. People follow the rules for getting some credits.