Contoh Narrative Text Tentang Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Narrative Text Tentang Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris – Yuk simak salah satu contoh narrative text bahasa Inggris, yang bercerita tentang kisah cinta. 🙂

My Best Friend, My Love

My name is Nadya. This is my love story with my best friend when I was in senior high school. My best friend’s name is Leo. He is smart and handsome. His voice is cool. He is good at singing and playing music instrument. At first I knew him, I did not think that I would fall in love with him. Day by day, I started to know many things about him. We often studied and played together. We got closer to each other. I began to feel something different when I saw him. But, I was not sure that I fell in love with him.

Everybody told us that we were good if we became a couple. They said that we were smart and had same passion in music and singing. But, we always denied their opinions. I knew one fact about him that he once fell in love with someone when he was in elementary school. I saw his sincerity in loving that girl and until that time he still couldn’t move on. He told that the girl he fell in love with was very pretty, cute, smart, and obedient in worship to God. She was good at reciting Al-Quran. He said that she was a perfect girl he had ever met. She was his first love and it was very difficult to forget. However, he did not know where she was because she moved to the other city. He ever told me that he wished to meet her again someday. He wished that he could say to her that he loved her and he was going to propose her. I was not hurt listening to his story. I adored him for his sincerity and long lasting love. I also wished that he could see me as he saw that girl. But, I was not brave to show my love to him. I am afraid that he would leave me. I did appreciate the value of friendship between us.

After high school graduation, we were separated. We went to the same university but we were in the different major and department. We were busy with our own activities. We never met to hang out or have lunch together. I became focus on my study and at that time I had a boyfriend. He was also my friend in senior high school. Leo knew about the story between me and my boyfriend. We sometimes talked by text. I fell that he never changed. He was still as same as we were in high school. I also heard that many girls liked him in his department. I had no wonder because he was a perfect type to be future husband. Once in our conversation I tried to tell it. Yes, I told it. But, he only laughed at me and he did not continue the conversation. I knew that he avoided it. I knew that he did not want us to be something different. Since that time, we never had any communication. I also never tried to communicate with him anymore.

One day, about two years after our last conversation, I went to the library of the university. I was in the process of finishing my thesis. Suddenly I saw Leo from faraway. Then, I decided to go back to campus because I did not want to meet him. Nevertheless, when I was walking out of the library, he caught me. He insisted me to go with his motorcycle. I avoided him so much but he seemed so excited to ask me about my life. I only said what I wanted to say and acted finely. From that time, I always avoid to meet him. I am afraid to fall in love again with him because I know he never feels the same thing as me. I do not want to hurt myself. Now, he is in England. He is pursuing his master degree there. I wish he will find his love and I will find my love. I wish we will live well even though we are not together as lovers.