Contoh Essay Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pendidikan Karakter Siswa

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Contoh essay bahasa Inggris tentang pendidikan berikut ini akan membahas mengenai kekerasan yang terjadi di sekolah. Apa yang diungkapkan oleh essay yang disadur dari ini? Silakan baca baik-baik.

The Violence in The School

The more intense violent behavior committed by adolescents has shown a very alarming rate. The indication, this behavior has penetrated all the lines and foundations of social life, including the world of education. The one that makes us more depressing, which is intended as a basic educational foundation of character formation have also been contaminated by those harmful behaviors. School as a virtuous character behavior has been tainted by numerous violent behavior and it should be our responsible.

The death of Dimas Dikita Handoko, the first semester students in the School of Sailing ( STIP ) because of the bad treat of his senior in Jakarta last month and Renggo Kadafi, 5 th grade students, who allegedly abused by his senior become a wake-up call for all of us. The violent behavior has morphed into a culture. How could a man who was forging and preparing his future die in the place and with all those bad faiths?

Our education history records many incidents of violence that occur in the school environment, even on campuses affiliated with the official who intended to set up a powerful and high quality state apparatus. Still inscribed in our memory how many young shoots in IPDN. Already dozens, even hundreds, of students who died due to brawl and fights between them which are triggered by trivial issues and almost every day we can see that. The question is why those violent behaviors always repeat in our education?

Violent behavior in the school environment is caused by many factors. Nevertheless, the following three factors can be used as an explanation of why this behavior is always repeated.

First, the method of the militaristic education, especially in schools official can be the culprit violence. In the orientation, new students are trained physically so hard. As said, hazing that includes physical violence is intended to instill discipline, patriotism, nationalism, and mental toughness. Physical activity regarded as a panacea to make the students ready to study. Of course, the reason this is a justification for the seniors to show power and dominance to their juniors. If the purpose of schools is to print a capable apparatus in certain areas, why the badness that promotes endurance and physical violence should be highlighted?

Second, psychologically, an individual who is educated and brought up in an environment that supports violent is possibly to implement the same behavior when he gains power. The cycle of violence finally become a tradition which always be repeated every year. New students who passed the orientation with violence will implement the same thing when they become seniors. Embedded in their brains that being a senior means entitled to treat the junior as the same violence they ‘ve experienced before. Tradition is of course very dangerous for our education and become very difficult to remove when it is rooted and entrenched for many years.

Third, insensitivity, indifference, and indecisiveness administrators and teachers who are entrusted with the responsibility to manage the school are the factors that most contribute to the occurrence of violent behavior in education. School is the second home for students. Parents send their children to school because they believe that school is a safe place for the growth and development of children. Whoever is entrusted to manage the school should ensure that the children are protected and safe from any threat of violence.

Violent behavior is still common in schools should be reflection of our failure in preparing the next generation. Everyone should realize that violence will only take revenge and destruction. If violent behavior is still exist in the school, the doomsday of our education will come soon.