Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Tentang Hobi

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Anda mencari sebuah contoh dialog bahasa Inggris 2 orang tentang hobi? Berikut ini, terdapat percakapan antara Doni serta Sasha yang membicarakan tentang hobi mereka masing-masing. Selamat membaca. 
Sasha : Good morning Doni..
Doni : Hi Sasha, good morning..
Sasha : Don, I heard from your mother that you are going to go to Bromo next week.
Doni : Yes you are right.
Sasha : That’s gonna be a fantastic trip..
Doni : I hope so, because I have saved my money for a long time to pay for all I need in this trip.
Sasha : Why did you do that? I mean, why did you save your money and then spend it all only for this?
Doni : This is my hobby, travelling and climbing a mount is my hobby and also my passion. So, I will not be worried about money.
Sasha : Hmmm, I still do not understand.
Doni : Do you have a hobby?
Sasha : Yes of course. I like reading novel.
Doni : So, think about the best novel in the world and you are one of person that favorite it so much. It will be so expensive and what will you do?
Sasha : Yup, I do understand right now. Of course I will save my money and do not care how much I spend it. The most important is, I get the novel.
Doni : It exactly happens to me. I know that travelling to Bromo will spend my money a lot. So, a year ago I start to collect my pennies. By the way, why do you like reading a novel?
Sasha : I like story, so I read novel. By reading novel, I find so many things like travelling around the world. There are so many character, section of stories, and places that able to visit without spending much times to go there.
Doni : Great reason. But, someday you need to travel around the real world. I mean not only visiting those places by your novel.
Sasha : I hope it will happen to me.
Doni : For the first trip, you can go with me to Bromo.
Sasha : Really?
Doni : Yeah, I will wait for you until next week. Plan all you need since now.
Sasha : Great. Ok, it’s better to talk it later. I need to go to my class.
Doni : No problem. See you..
Sasha : See you..