Cerita Timun Mas dalam Bahasa Inggris (Terbaru)

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Berikut ini, ada sebuah cerita timun mas dalam bahasa Inggris yang bisa Anda gunakan sebagai referensi story dalam pembelajaran bahasa Inggris.

Timun Mas

One day, in a village in Central Java, there lived a middle-aged widow named Mbok Srini. Since being left for dead by her husband a few years ago, she lived alone and she did not have a child. She really expected the presence of a child to fill her loneliness. However, that hope had been dashed, because her husband had died. She was just waiting for a miracle to be able to get a child. She sincerely hoped that a miracle would happen to him. To achieve that hope, she always prayed to God.

On one night, the hope came through her dream. In her dream, she is approached by a giant who told her to go into the woods to take something under the big tree. When she awoke in the morning, Mbok Srini hardly believed her dream last night.

However, she tried to dismiss her doubts. Hopefully, she rushed to get to a place designated by the giant. After she arrived in the woods, she immediately found the package under the big tree. How shocked she was when she thought that she found a package containing a baby, but unfortunately it was just a seed of cucumber.

“What did he mean by giving me a cucumber seed?” Murmured her.

In the midst of confusion, suddenly a giant creature standing behind her laughing uproariously.

” Ha… ha… ha…

She was startled as she turned around. How surprised she was when seeing that the giant that was present in the dream. She became frightened.

“Giant! Do not eat me! I still want to live, “pleaded Mbok Srini with pallor.

“Do not be afraid of the old woman, I’m not going to eat. Do you want a child?” Said the giant.

That’s true, Giant!’ Mbok Srini replied nervously.

“Then, immediately planting those cucumber seeds and you will get a girl. But, remember! You have to give the child to me when she has become an adult. The girl will be my own food,” said the giant.

Because she wanted to have a child so much, without conscious Mbok Srini replied,’ All right, I’m willing to give up the child to you. “

After Mbok Srini expressed willingness, the giant disappeared. The woman was immediately planted cucumber seeds in her field. Hopefully, every day she took care of it with a good crop. Two months later, the plant began to have fruit. But strangely, the only one fruit of those cucumber plants. More and more the large cucumber generally exceeded. The color was very different, which was golden. How shocked she was when splitting the cucumber. She found a very beautiful baby girl.

‘ Ngoa… ngoa… ngoa… HI “the sound of the baby.

Hearing the crying, Mbok Srini was very happy. The baby girl named Timun Mas.

She was no longer able to mask his happiness. Suddenly, the tears flowed down her cheeks. Feeling happy made ​​her forgot about the promise that she would hand over the baby to the giant someday. She took care of and educated Timun Mas lovingly. She was very proud, because besides beautiful, her daughter also had an exceptional intelligence and good temperament.

One night, Mbok Srini dreamed the giant and told her that in a week he would come to pick Timun Mas. Since then, she always sat pensively. Her heart was sad and she realized that Timun Mas would become a meal for the giant.

Seeing her mother often sat pensively, Timun Mas wondered to herself. One afternoon, Timun Mas anxiety ventured to ask her mother.

‘Mom, why do you always look so sad ? ‘ Asked Timun Mas.

Forgive me, my daughter! I have a secret that I don’t tell you,” said Mbok Srini with a sad face.

“What is the secret, mom? ‘ Timun Mas asked curiously.

” Timun Mas ! Actually, you are not the biological child of me. “

Timun Mas suddenly interrupted.

“What do you mean, Mom? Timun Mas asked.

Mbok Srini told her daughter all the secrets of her dream last night that a giant would come pick her daughter and would eat as a food. After heard it, Timun Mas startled as if not believing.

“I do not want to go with the giant. I love you who have taken care of me” said Timun Mas.

Heard the words of Timun Mas, Mbok Srini was so sad. She was confused to find a way to make the child survived. Until the day that had been promised by the giant, she did not find a way out. Her heart began to worry. In her anxiety, she suddenly found a reason. She would that Timun Mas was sick. By doing so, it certainly would not want a giant to eat her daughter. As the sun began to dusk, the giant came to the Mbok Srini’s hut.

“Hey, Old Lady! Where’s the girl? I’ll take her now, said the giant.

“I am sorry, the girl was very ill. If you eat it now, certainly she will not tasty. How about three more days? I will cure the illness.

“Ok! But, you have to promise will give the girl to me,” said the giant.

After Mbok Srini stated the promise, the giant disappeared. Mbok Srini returned to find another way. After thinking so hard, she finally found a way that she thought could save her girl. She would have to meet a hermit who lived in a mountain.

“My daughter, in the early morning I will go to the mountain to meet a hermit. He is a friend of your deceased father. Maybe he can help us to stop the giant.” said Mbok Srini.

‘Yes, mom! We must destroy the giant. I do not want to be his meal” added Timun Mas.

In the next day, Mbok Srini went to the mountain. When she arrived there, she went to the hermit and conveyed the intent of her arrival.

“I am sorry for disturbing you sir, I would like to ask for help” said Mbok Srini.

“What can I do for you?” asked the hermit.

She told the problems being faced by her child. Hearing the story of Mbok Srini, the hermit was willing to help.

“Well, wait here a minute!” The hermit said while walked into the secret room.

Shortly thereafter, the hermit returned carrying four small packs, and gave it to Mbok Srini.

” Give this to your daughter. The fourth of each is cucumber seeds, needles, salt, and terasi. If the giant wants to catch her, spread each of those, said the hermit.

After receiving the explanation, Mbok Srini brought home those fourth packages. At the hut, she gave the packages and explained its purpose to Timun Mas. Now, she was more peaceful, because her daughter had already had the weapons to fight the giant.

Two days later, the Giants came to ask the promise to Mbok Srini. She already couldn’t wait to bring and ate Timun Mas.

“Hey, old woman, this is the time you must keep your promise. If you do not give her, I’ll make you as my meal also!” Threatened by the giant.

Mbok Srini did not afraid anymore to face the threat. Calmly, she called Tirnun Mas to come out from the hut. A minute later, Timun Mas came out and stood beside her.

“Do not be afraid, my daughter! If the giant was going to catch you, run and follow the instructions which I said to you” whispering her to Timun Mas.

“Yes, Mom! Timun Mas replied.

Seeing Timun Mas Benan really grown up, the giant could not be patient to eat her. When she tried to arrest, Timun Mas suddenly ran.

First Timun Mas sow the cucumber seeds given by her mother. Miraculously, the surrounding forests suddenly changed became a cucumber field. However, the giant was able to escape and returned to chase Timun Mas.

Timun Mas immediately threw the packet of needles. Miraculaously, the needles changed into a collection of tall bamboo trees and those were spiky. However, the giant was able to pass through and continued to pursue Timun Mas again, although his feet bleed because the bamboo punctured.

Seeing his efforts had not been successful yet, Timun Mas spreaded the salt. Instantly, the forests that had been passed suddenly changed into a vast ocean and was so deep, but still the giant could go through with ease. Timun Mas began to worry, because the only one weapon that left on her hands. If the weapon was not successfully to immobilize the giant, then it’s over. With all full confidence, she also threw the third which containing Terasi. Soon after that, the area suddenly transformed into the sea of ​a boiling mud. Finally, the giant fell into that sea and died. Timun Mas finally survived.

With all her strength, she walked and met his mother. Seeing Timun Mas survived, Mbok Srini immediately said thanks to God. Since then, Mbok Srini and Timun Mas lived happily.