Berbagai Contoh Love Expression Untuk Menyatakan Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris

Berbagai Contoh Love Expression Untuk Menyatakan Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris – Ingin menyatakan cinta? Anda bisa menggunakan berbagai contoh love expression berikut ini.

1.    When I see your face, I feel like thousands of beautiful idea coming out in my head. When I remember your name, I feel like thousands of beautiful words are tied together and make me smile. I feel happy when I am beside you. I feel that I am always fine when I am with you. Well, no more word but I love you.

2.    Have you ever heard a legendary story about love? Have you ever heard a story of Romeo and Juliet? Many people love that story. Do they notice that they also have their great story or even greater than Romeo and Juliet’s? And, the last question, do you want to make a great love story with me? A love story about us. About you and me.

3.    The stars in the sky are beautiful, but I can’t have it. The moon in the sky is pretty, but I can’t have it. I can only see them from here. I can only adore them from here. I don’t want you to be like the stars and the moon. I want you to be with me everyday, but not only to be seen and adored from far away. I want you to be closed to me. Do you want to be my love?

4.    One day, I met a girl with dazzling eyes and bright smile. I wondered where she is from and who she is actually. She looks like an angel. I knew that I fell in love with her at that time. I imagined that someday I could tell her about this. I imagined that someday I could share stories with her. Can you guess if I have done that or not? Yes, I am doing it. I am telling her how I fell in love with her. That girl is you. I love you since the first time I see you.

5.    I ever questioned to myself why I feel happy and comfortable in this life. Does someone make it? Have I met with my soulmate? Because, I feel like something coming in my heart and filling it with happiness. Mmm, not only that, I feel like I am filled with care, affection, love, sometimes worry of losing. It is kind of a magic feeling. Do you know what it is? Do you know why I can feel that? It’s because of you. It’s you and it’s always been you. I love you and I need you in my life.

6.    I tried to wait for long time to have this moment, a moment when I can talk to you face to face, and it is only between you and me. I endured it and also thought about the best way to say this. I was trying to be romantic but I think I am failed. I can’t make a beautiful poem because that face always annoys me to make it. It’s so much beautiful. That’s your face. You are the most beautiful poem I have ever seen. I love you. That’s what I am trying to say all the time.

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