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9 Percakapan Expressing Possibility & Impossibility dalam Bahasa Inggris

9 Percakapan Expressing Possibility & Impossibility dalam Bahasa Inggris – Kalimat-kalimat yang berisi expressing possibility dan impossibility, sering kita jumpai dalam percakapan. Nah, tentu saja penting bagi Anda untuk mengetahui contoh-contoh percakapan serta berbagai referensi expressing possibility & impossibility. Berikut ini, kami memberikan Anda contoh-contohnya yang bisa dijadikan sebagai referensi belajar. Semoga membantu. 🙂

Expressing Possibility

– May (Mungkin, barangkali)
– maybe (Mungkin, barangkali)
– Perhaps (Boleh jadi, mungkin, boleh juga)
– Possibly (Mungkin, barangkali)
– It is possible (Itu mungkin saja, boleh jadi)
– Might (Mungkin, boleh jadi)
– There’s a chance (Ada kemungkinan)
– Could be (Bisa jadi, mungkin)

Contoh percakapan 1:

A: I have been waiting for Andrea for an hour, but where is her?
B: I don’t know, she doesn’t answer my phone. Perhaps, she is on the way.
A: If she doesn’t come in 15 minutes, she could be late.
B: She is possibly trapped in a traffic jam.
A: Yes, maybe.

Contoh percakapan 2:

A: What’s going on?
B: I can’t find my phone.
A: It could be lost.
B: No, I remember that I put it on the table this morning.
A: Have you asked Riana? maybe she knows where it is.
B: Yes I will ask her.
A: I think she might use it without asking to you first.

Contoh percakapan 3:

A: What are you thinking about?
B: Hmm, nothing.
A: You look so serious.
B: I am thinking about Diana.
A: Don’t worry, she will come. She might buy many foods before coming here.
B: She told me that she wouldn’t buy anything. It is possible that she gets an accident.
A: Have you phoned her?
B: Yes, I can’t reach her.

Contoh percakapan 4:

A: Are you sleepy?
B: No, I am headache. So I think it could be better if I sleep.
A: maybe you need some medicine. I have in my bag. Wanna try?
B: Perhaps, I need it.
A: Ok, wait for a while. I will take it.

Contoh percakapan 5:

A: Does Gina bring your book?
B: I don’t think so. She brings a small bag, and my book can’t be put there. So maybe she forget to bring it.
A: She always forget to give it back to you. It is possible that the book is lost.
B: Yeah, maybe. I don’t really want to think about it.

Expressing Impossibility

– It’s impossible
– Can’t possibly
– May not
– Couldn’t be
– There is no chance
– There’s no way
– That’s not possible

Contoh percakapan 1:

A: There is no way for me to finish this job on time.
B: Yes, you can’t possibly do that.
A: Is it better to stop?
B: No, just continue it. I think the boss won’t be angry if you are late.
A: Thanks for your suggestion.

Contoh percakapan 2:

A: Is it possible for me to borrow your book?
B: There is no chance for you.
A: What do you mean?
B: Anny has borrowed it. So, there is no way for you to take it.
A: Oh my God, I am late.

Contoh percakapan 3:

A: Are you angry?
B: Absolutely.
A: Why?
B: I can’t possibly go to Riana’s home tonight.
A: Why do you think like that?
B: My brother drives my car and he is getting traffic jam right now.
A: Oh my God. It is impossible for you, because Riana’s birthday party will start in ten minutes.
B: Yes, there is no way to go there.

Contoh percakapan 4:

A: It is impossible for Indonesia to win the game.
B: Why, there are ten minutes more.
A: Look at the score board. The enemy leaves as 3 points. It’s hard to win, right?
B: Oh God, you’re right. Our team could be lost.

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