50 Kata Kata Cinta Bahasa Inggris Terbaik dan Artinya

Cara mudah belajar bahasa Inggris – Kata kata cinta bahasa Inggris merupakan sebuah hal yang begitu indah dan patut Anda coba untuk menyatakan sesuatu bernama cinta. Cinta memang merupakan anugerah yang bahkan ditunggu-tunggu oleh banyak orang. Ketika semua lembaran cinta tersebut datang, kita seperti kehabisan akal dan kekurangan naluri untuk mengungkapkannya.

Cinta juga hadir tanpa disangka-sangka dan bahkan tidak bisa direncanakan. Anda tidak bisa mengatakan bahwa akan mencintai seseorang dengan tulus esok hari, sementara Anda sekarang belum jatuh hati sedikitpun dengannya. Sebuah cinta datang tiba-tiba dan merupakan kesan indah yang sayang apabila dilewatkan tanpa kata-kata indah pula. Oleh karena itu, kami menghadirkan 50 kata kata cinta bahasa Inggris pilihan yang cocok untuk menyatakan cinta, atau mengungkapkan rasa jatuh cinta kepada Anda sendiri.

Pada baris pertama, Anda akan menemukan kata kata cinta bahasa Inggris, sementara pada baris kedua terdapat arti dari kata-kata cinta tersebut. Selamat membaca dan mempraktikkannya kepada orang-orang yang Anda cintai.


  1. Despite being in the crowd, someone will feel lonely without a love.
  2. You will never find a reason when love someone, it’s because a true love comes with no logical reason.
  3. Key to be lasting in love is a consistent belief.
  4. She’s not perfect, because a she will never able to be perfect.
  5. Do not let a fear surrounds you when you are falling in love someone.
  6. We cannot be together, but you’re always in my heart for now and forever.
  7. You are like dentures, because I could not smile without you.
  8. First love is amazing, but the last love is a perfect.
  9. I have a hand, and you have another; put them together and we have each other.
  10. I never thought able to love someone like I love you.
  11. You are not perfect, but you can make me perfect.
  12. You are similar to my favorite song. When the song ended, I keep repeating it.
  13. The happiest moment in my life is when I’m with you.
  14. The best thing in my life is falling in love with you.
  15. Love is not something that we look for, but something that find us.
  16. A successful love is still love one person from now until death.
  17. Love is not a honey and a sugar, but it gives us sweetness more than those.
  18. Since I found you, I never stopped thinking about you.
  19. A really beautiful thing is a truth that there is someone loves you so much.
  20. Touch her heart and do not touch her body.
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  22. Keep your heart in the deepest recesses and wait for the right one to pick it up.
  23. My heart is perfect because there is a piece of your heart in it.
  24. Roses are red, Violets are blue, the sun shines as bright as my love does for you.
  25. Seeing your smile is happiness for me. Meanwhile, having you is the most beautiful gift in my life.
  26. I’m trying to stop liking you, because I want to love you.
  27. You turned my world with a smile, and you take my heart with a kiss.
  28. When you’re in love, you’re going to have trouble of sleeping. Because, you know that life is much more beautiful than any dream in your sleep.
  29. Love is like a rainbow, where each color will flow. Red, of the heart that beats. Orange, funny and sweet. Yellow warm rays of sun. Green, having lots of fun. Blue waves of sky above. Purple, the color of love. Each color comes with a nice smile, hearts are beating at a thousand miles.
  30. When you see my hand, you will find me. But when you see my heart, you will find yourself.
  31. I love you more than once and even more of the thousands of rice.
  32. You like a camera. Whenever I see you, then I’m going to smile.
  33. The way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you say my name are amazing.
  34. If this is a drama of love, you and I are becoming the main character.
  35. Falling in love with you is a feeling that I could never explain.
  36. If I could go with you in the dream, I will continue to sleep forever.
  37. Falling in love is not planned in a life, because it is a surprise from God.
  38. Because you’re standing next to me, I smile often, and love more.
  39. I only expect one thing from you, please falling in love to me.
  40. I would never tell anyone that your voice is my favorite song.
  41. Short conversation with you would be more important than conversation for hours with someone else.
  42. After I fell in love with you, I’m so in love with my life.
  43. Your eyes are soft as snow, and your loves are a heavenly place.
  44. You’re always trying to make me smile, even in your bad day.
  45. Love is never logical, because a logical thing is not love
  46. You understand why love is blind? Because your mother loved you even before she was able to see you.
  47. I just wanna see you, hold your hand, and say that I love you.
  48. My heart is perfect because of you are inside, and my love is perfect because I am having you.
  49. You are my biggest motivation to get up in the early morning.
  50. Love is when a woman and man sitting nearly each other while there is a very wide space beside them.
  51. L onging O ver E V arious motions

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