Contoh Cerita Tentang Pengalaman Pribadi dalam Bahasa Inggris (Terbaru)

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Pernah mengalami hal-hal yang menyenangkan kemudian mampu membuatnya menjadi story yang apik? Di bawah ini, terdapat sebuah contoh cerita bahasa Inggris mengenai pengalaman pribadi. Hal apa yang diceritakan? Ini adalah cerita bagaimana seseorang mendeskripsikan pengalamannya mengenai kegunaan-kegunaan berkompromi atau berdikusi dengan orang lain.

Compromise is Necessary

Actually people are social human being. Every people need other people in their life. We cannot live without help of other people. We will always include other people. In our life we will have problems with our parents, friends, and another people. In this case, we will have experience in the situations where we have to use compromise before we take decisions that will not make every people disadvantage. In many situations, compromise is necessary.

Firstly, I had experience in the situation where I had to use compromise to solve my problem. The situation is between my parents and me. I asked to my parents to buy a new hand phone for me because I need it. But they did not want to buy it easily. And then, they offered a compromise to me. They would buy a new hand phone but I would not get pocket money for a month. I refused it because I did not agree with their offering. And then, I try to offer a compromise. I just wanted that my pocket money were reduced 50 % but it was until two months. Finally, my parents agreed with my compromise. They wanted to buy a new hand phone for me but I would get my pocket money just 50% for two months. This was a good deal because there was no one to be disadvantage in this case.

Another situation beside that I have ever got with our friends when we were in a boarding house. We lived in a boarding house together but there were one of us that did not care with area in our boarding house. He wasted the garbage anywhere he felt like it but we always cleaned it. So, it made us uncomfortable. And then, we invited him to discuss about this problem to solve it in order that no people feel disadvantage. We offered to him to make duty schedule because this was importance for all of us. We wanted other people in the boarding house care with our environment. And we could get punishment if we did not care with it. So, he agreed with it because this was our compromise for all of us.

One more experience that I have ever found in which I had to look for a compromise was when my friends and I wanted to buy cupboards. In this situation, we would buy three cup boards and we started to bargain it in a furniture shop. Shopkeeper gave price 3 cupboards Rp 600.000,00 that mean one cupboard has price Rp 200.000,00. And then we offered it to be 170.000,00 for one cupboard and we wanted it was send to our boarding house by them. They did not agree because they did not want to send it with price that we offered. After that, they give a compromise for all of us. They gave two options. The first option they gave it Rp 160.000,00 for one cupboard but they did not send to our boarding house and we had to bring it by our self. And the second option they wanted to send it but we had to buy it Rp180.000, 00. And the final decision we agreed with second option that they offered. So, we got a good deal with them.

Essentially every people will always interact with other. And we can find in the situations where we need a compromise to get a good deal that will not make everybody disadvantage. We can find it when we interact with our parents, friends in a boarding house and another people like shopkeeper in the furniture shop. If we want to get our destination to be success, a compromise is necessary.

Story’s author: Ilham Sanjaya (a fresh graduate student from English Department, Lampung University)