Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Tentang Rokok

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Berikut ini, terdapat percakapan bahasa Inggris 2 orang tentang rokok. Kedua orang di bawah, membicarakan banyak hal mengenai bahaya rokok dan bagaimana seharusnya negara menetapkan aturan terhadap rokok. Semoga memberikan manfaat.

Andreas: Hi Galvin, how are you?

Galvin: I am okay, and yourself?

Andreas: Hmm, not too bad.

Galvin: Oh where this kind of smoke comes from? I can’t breath well. (whisper)

Andreas: From that guy, let us go. We will breathe the toxin if staying here for a long time.

Galvin: That’s a good idea. Hey, do you think smoking is cool?

Andreas: I don’t think so. Smoking is a kind of habit that can harm our body.

Galvin: I agree with you. There are so many kinds of toxin and it will not be a good choice for every person.

Andreas: But, I am wondering why the government does not close every single company of tobacco.

Galvin: The government will not close the company, because there are many workers hang their life up on the tobacco company.

Andreas: So, you mean that when the government closes the tobacco’s factory, there will be so many employees that become the unemployment.

Galvin: That’s right. Tobacco’s factory is a dilemma for Indonesia. We cannot let it develop more and more, but we also cannot close it.

Andreas: Do you have any idea?

Galvin: I think, we need to provide smoking area for those people who smoke. It makes them will not smoke in every place.

Andreas: Good, so they will not disturb us, right?

Galvin: That’s the point.

Andreas: Yeah, sometimes I also see a pregnant woman smokes.

Galvin: Really? Where?

Andreas: Not far from my home. She is my neighbor.

Galvin: Oh my god, she must be crazy.

Andreas: Yeah, the toxin will not only harm her life, but also her child’s life.

Galvin: Why don’t you advise her?

Andreas: There have been many people done that.

Galvin: And?

Andreas: Unfortunately, she does not want to listen us.

Galvin: Hmmm, her life is her choice.

Andreas: Yes, you’re right.