Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Tentang Tenses

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Cara mudah belajar bahasa Inggris– Di bawah ini, ada banyak soal bahasa Inggris SMP mengenai grammar atau tata bahasa khususnya tenses. Grammar atau tata bahasa merupakan bagian penting dalam pembelajaran bahasa Inggris dan mempunyai peran yang luar biasa. Tentu saja, basis-basis grammar tersebut yang biasanya harus diketahui oleh seorang siswa SMP merupakan tenses, dan penggunaan kata kerja termasuk kata kerja to be.
Di bawah ini, ada banyak soal penting mengenai tata bahasa terutama yang berkaitan dengan tenses. Selamat mempelajari soal bahasa Inggris SMP di bawah ini dan selamat mengerjakan.


Isilah bagian yang kosong berikut ini dengan beragam pronoun yang mencakup he, she, it, they, we, I, you
  1. Tyas is American. ___ isn’t Danish.
  2. David is American, too. ___  isn’t Spanish.
  3. David and Tyas aren’t Danish. ___  are American.
  4. My friends and I are junior high school students. ___ aren’t elementary school students anymore.
  5. The Taj Mahal is in India. ___ isn’t in Pakistan.

To be 

Di bagian yang kosong berikut ini, Anda bisa mengisinya dengan to be dengan am, are atau is
  1. ___ I wrong?
  2. You ___ so beautiful tonight.
  3. Yes, I ___.
  4. She ___ a new student in our school.
  5. Nando ___ Indonesian student.
  6. My father ___ a police.
  7. I ___ so proud of my uncle.
  8. The boys ___ so tired.
  9. Those women ___ sexy.
  10. The tea that you made ___ delicious.
  11. The book ___ cheap.


Untuk mengisi bagian yang kosong di bawah ini, Anda bisa menerapkannya sesuai dengan contoh berikut.
Contoh :
  1. Did my father come? Yes he did.
  2. Are you hungry? Yes I am.
  3. Do you agree? Yes I do.
  4. Is she Spanish? No, she is not.
Kemudian, isilah bagian kosong dengan tipe jawaban sama seperti di atas.
  1. Is Robert Danish? No, he ___ American.
  2. Is Julia an American actress? Yes, she ___.
  3. Are those women beautiful? Yes, they ___.
  4. Is your father in Paris? No, he ___.

Simple Present

Pilih jawaban yang benar diantara kata kerja di bawah ini.
wake(s) up – open(s) – speak(s) – take(s) – do(es) – cause(s) – live(s) – play(s) – close(s) – live(s)
  1. My friends ____ football very well tonight.
  2. I ____ in the early morning.
  3. When you want people respect yourself, you need to ____ politely.
  4. The fire ____ of bad electricity.
  5. ____ it work?
  6. I am going to talk my friend to ____ the shop next week.
  7. I ____ with my parents and my two younger sisters in my house.
  8. Can you ____ the ball?
Lengkapi kalimat berikut dengan kata-kata write – come – eat – tell – rise.
  1. Will you ____ to my house tonight?
  2. I will ____ a new book when my laptop is back.
  3. I have to ____ my friend about this problem.
  4. The seafood that I ____ is very delicious.

Present Continuous

Di bawah ini, Anda harus mengerjakan soal dengan cara merubah kata kerja yang ada di dalam kurung ke dalam bentuk simple continuous tense.
  1. Listen to our son. He (sing).
  2. Look at those birds. They (fly) so high until I hard to see.
  3. My uncle (play) tennis in the court near of our house.
  4. I (feel) so happy right now because of the gift that my father brought for me yesterday.
Silakan Anda ubah kata-kata yang ada di dalam kurung berikut ini ke dalam bentuk simple present atau present continuous.
  1. Hey look! Dina (go) to the movies with your boyfriend. 
  2. Did you (come) early this morning?
  3. My father (hit) the dog that bark right now.
  4. She always (come) late.
  5. Can you take the umbrella? I can’t because I (do) my homework.
  6. You should (put) the bag outside.

Simple past tense

Isilah bagian yang kosong di bawah ini dengan to be yang disesuaikan dalam aturam simple past tense. 
  1. I ___ in America last summer.
  2. My sisters ___ so hungry last night.
  3. Tara ___ so beautiful when I saw at the first time.
  4. We ___ in France when the football word cup was held.
  5. I ___ happy because of the gift last morning.
Isilah dengan perubahan kata kerja yang cocok berikut ini. 
  1. I (bring) a new book to her house last night.
  2. She did not (come) yesterday.
  3. I (speak) clearly at the seminar.
  4. My father (talk) to everyone who came to my house about this problem.
Jawab soal bahasa Inggris SMP tentang tenses di atas dan koordinasikan jawaban yang ada dengan guru atau teman kalian yang ahli. Selamat mengerjakan dan tunggu soal-soal berikutnya.