Pengertian dan Contoh Kalimat Dependent Clause

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Pengertian dan Contoh Kalimat Dependent Clause – Dependent clause atau subordinate clause (anak kalimat) adalah klausa yang memberikan informasi tambahan kepada independent clause nya (induk kalimat). Klausa ini terdiri dari subjek dan predikat, namun ia tidak dapat berdiri sendiri. Ia harus disandingkan dengan independent clause. Tipe-tipe dari dependent clause ini termasuk noun clauses, relative (adjectival) clauses, dan adverbial clauses. Berikut ini adalah contoh – contoh dependent clause (bercetak miring).

Contoh Dependent Clauses

Adverbial Clauses

  • When my father arrived, I was cooking fried rice.
  • Because I can’t wait for his coming anymore, I decide to leave.
  • When I knew what was going to happen, I went to the safer place.
  • If she can work on Saturdays and Sundays, she can get extra money.
  • Until the sun sets, I will be at the office to finish my work.
  • While her daughter grow up, she is pregnant her second child.
  • Wherever you go, I will join your trip.
  • Since I don’t know him well, I decide not to have a close relationship with him.
  • Although she is not as smart as his brother, she always gets the first rank in her classroom.
  • Unless you visited me this morning, I wouldn’t eat anything.
  • As they walked in front of my house, I was watering my flowers in the geraden.
  • No matter how you look like, I will always love you.
  • Before my parents get angry, I will immediately go home.
  • Supposing that she really wants to marry me, I am disappointed with her words.

Adjective Clauses

  • That I left home, they felt worried so much.
  • I bought a new villa which is located in Seribu Islands.
  • He loves a girl who is intelligent and diligent.
  • Tania is my mother’s friend’s daughter who sends me some jars of cookie.
  • Mr Goerge is a professor in my University whose book is inspiring me to be a great educator.
  • I love rainy days when some of people hate it.
  • Tunas Bangsa School is a school where I went to junior high school 6 years ago.
  • They gave me a reason why they were late to send the product I ordered last week.
  • Harry Potter is my favourite book that became a bestseller for years.
  • Dolphin is a mammal which lives in the sea water.

Noun Clauses

  • The reason she said hurt me so much.
  • I don’t care whomever you love. That’s none of my business.
  • I wonder how they could get there by the bicycle.
  • I don’t agree with what he decided.
  • What she hates so much is what I like the most.
  • Do whatever makes you forget your sadness and be happy with your life.
  • They are listening to what you suggest.
  • That she can pick me up at home make me have willingness to join her to Dina’s birthday party tonight.
  • I will learn how to manage whatever comes to my wallet well.
  • I will give a reward for whoever comes before time and on time.