Pengertian, Contoh, dan Soal Latihan Demonstrative Adjective

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Pengertian, Contoh, dan Soal Latihan Demonstrative Adjective – Secara umum, adjective bertugas berfungsi menjelaskan kata benda. Demonstrative adjectives adalah kata sifat yang mendeskripsikan kata benda yang kita bicarakan melalui demonstrasi, dengan kata lain demonstrative adjective adalah kata tunjuk. Berikut ini adalah demonstrative adjectives dalam bahasa Inggris.

  • This
  • That
  • These
  • Those

Tidak seperti bahasa lain, kata tunjuk dalam bahasa Inggris tidak dibedakan menjadi jenis kelamin masculine atau feminine dalam kata sifatnya. Perbedaannya terletak pada jarak dan jumlahnya, apakah kata benda tersebut letaknya jauh atau dekat, apakah kata bendanya berjumlah satu atau lebih dari satu.

Dekat: This (Tunggal) These (lebih dari satu)
Jauh: That (Tunggal) Those (lebih dari satu)

Susunannya adalah demonstrative adjective selalu diletakkan sebelum kata benda.


  1. Those books are mine.
  2. This table is so messy.
  3. I asked my father to buy that bag.
  4. She arranged these flowers in the vase.
  5. Give me those plates, please.
  6. I need those data to prove the hypothesis.
  7. I believe that this cafe will be popular in a week.
  8. What do you think about that garden?
  9. I make this party special for you. I hope you like it.
  10. These stuff are not mine.
  11. These documents must be analyzed today.
  12. Tania got those turtles from her uncle.


A. Complete the sentences with this, that, these or those!

  1. ________ book here is mine, but ________ one over there is hers.
  2. ________ pens here are his, but ________ over there are theirs.
  3. My kid can’t eat all of ________ ice cream.
  4. A: (on the telephone) Hello? // B: Hi, Jack? // A: Yes, ________ is Jack speaking. Who is calling? // B: Hi,
  5. Jack, ________ is Paul.
  6. I found ________ necklace in the bedroom. Is it your mom’s?
  7. ________ fried fish are delicious, Teddy. Would you like to give me the recipe?
  8. I can’t complete ________ articles today. I’ll ask for a help to my sister to work on them tonight.
  9. ________ clothes here was made in China
  10. I think ________ birds are back. I hear their sound outside the house.
  11. Tascha, would you please give me ________ glasses? I will make some cups of coffee for them.

B. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences !

  1. Do you know hot to catch these tigers out in the field?
  2. The accident happened on January 1st. This day, there was a thunderstorm.
  3. This speakers over there are old. That speakers here are the new ones.
  4. This concert ended an hour ago.
  5. These picture looks great. You can be a model someday in the future.



  1. This / that
  2. These / those
  3. that
  4. this / this
  5. this
  6. These
  7. these
  8. This / Those (“These” is also possible.)
  9. those
  10. those


  1. Change “these” to “those.”
  2. Change “This” to “That.”
  3. Change “This” to “Those.” Change “That” to “These.”
  4. Change “This” to “That.”
  5. Change “These” to “This.”