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Menemukan sebuah contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris 9 orang memang sulit. Oleh karena itu saya mencoba menghadirkan drama yang saya buat sewaktu kuliah dulu dan kemudian menaruhnya di halaman ini. Di dalam drama ini, terdapat sebuah plot yang harus dibaca terlebih dahulu sehingga Anda tidak terlalu asing dengan ceritanya. Selain persahabatan, tema yang disajikan cukup banyak diantaranya, keluarga dan pendidikan. Semoga membantu. ūüôā


Tika was a daughter that really plain. She made many problem in the school. She made the problem with her teacher, her friends and her principal. Tika’s father and her grandmother went to school to resolve the problem.


One day there was a family of Mr. Surya and Mrs. Ana that had one child, named Tika, Tika was a girl that really plain, and when you watched her, she seemed like stupid girl. But actually she was just a slow thinker. In this house there is also Mrs. Sekar, she is Tika’s grandmother.


One morning Tika’s parents and Tika’s grandmother told about her.

Mr. Surya    :   my wife, where is our child ?

Mrs. Ana      :   she is taking a bath.

Mr. Surya    :   I really confuse think about her.

Mrs. Ana      :   why ?

Mr. Surya    :   hhh… ehh. There is a something wrong in her mind, you get that ? when she

                            thinks, she is really slow..

Mrs. Ana      :   I get it and I always think about it especially how to cure her mind,

                            (while give coffee).

Mrs. Sekar  :   hey.. I think that’s normal, sometimes it can be happened..

Mr. Surya    :   ooh, thank you my wife for your coffee, hmm, it looks good… mom.. I think

                            that’s not normal, she always think slowly and it doesn’t happen to every

                            girl. how about dr. Suram, he looks success ?

Mrs. Ana      :   I don’t think that he success to cure our child.

Mr. Surya  :     hmm, yes I think so, hmmm,.. really good coffee… (smell and then drink),

                            hueeek… you give it sugar or what ?

Mrs. Ana      :   yes, why, it’s not sweet ?

Mr. Surya    :   it’s so spicy, I know this, this is chili powder ! huh.. hah.. huh.. hah..

Mrs. Sekar  :   oh my god, I can believe this. He.. he.. he..

Mrs. Ana      :   ow, sory… sory… I don’t know that..

Mr. Surya  :     hu uh… huh.. hah.. huh.. hah.. why you are so talkactive.. let’s take the

                            water ..!!

Mrs. Sekar  :   he.. he.. he.. you look crazy, it really crazy..

Mrs. Ana      :   ok.. ok.. I will take it.

Mr. Surya  :     give it to me.

Mrs. Ana      :   ok, (while to serve a drink to Mr. Surya).

Tika                :   mom.. mom…

Mrs. Sekar  :   hey.. your child call you..

Mrs. Ana      :   yes … what happen ? (speak loudly while to serve a drink).

Mr. Surya    :   hey.. hey.. hueek, hueek..  you will make me die ?

Mrs. Ana      :   ow sory.. sory..

Tika                :   mom.. mom..

Mrs. Ana      :   yes.. I will come (speak loudly).

Mr. Surya ¬†: ¬†¬†¬† hey.. what about me… huh.. hah.. huh.. hah..

Mrs. Sekar  :   calm down… you look crazy, he.. he.. he..

Tika was a student at Junior High School, in the school Tika had friends, named Chika and Andin. They were Tika’s best friend, and also, Tika liked Restu, he was a smart student in the class.

One day at her class, Tika made problem..

Miss Rika     :   good morning all..

Students      :   good morning miss..

Miss Rika     :   okay, how are you today?..

Students      :   fine..

Miss Rika     :   ok.. I am fine too, ok now we want to learn sains and let’s we see in page..

                            (while seek the page exactly).

Restu            :   58, chapter 5 about human body.

Miss Rika     :   wow, how do you know Restu ?, ow, you are really smart student. Ok thank

                            you Restu, and everyone let’s see page 58.

Students      :   ok miss..

Miss Rika     :   now we learn about human body and that useful, somebody can explain

                            what are the parts of our body ? and raise your hand.

Restu            :   yes I can.

Miss Rika     :   ok Restu, explain these.

Restu            :   yes miss, the parts of our body are… (pause).

Tika                :   (knock, knock, knock) excuse me miss, sorry I am late because there is a

                            traffic jam over there.

Miss Rika     :   ok. Ok. Don’t be late again.

Tika                :   sorry..

Miss Rika     :   don’t be late again !!

Tika                :   ok, thank you miss. (Tika leave the bag in front of the class).

Miss Rika     :   hey, your bag !!

Tika                :   what.. ow sorry, sorry miss, I am forget it. (every students laugh).

Miss Rika     :   oh my god.. fast, fast.. ok students we continue our course and Restu will

                            explain the parts of our body. Ok Restu please come here.

Restu            :   thank you miss (while come to front of class), my friends, I will explain the

                            part of our body. first, I will explain the part of our head, there is a brain that

                            divided into two section and then…

Tika                :   wow, he is really smart… (the face expression is like someone who dream


Miss Rika     :   any question Tika ?..

Tika                :   no’ not miss..

Miss Rika     :   pay attention !!, ok Restu you can continue this.

Restu            :   thank you miss, our brain is divided into two sections in the right and in the

                            left, our brain is the controller of every activity of the body.

Miss Rika     :   wait.. wait.. and every body be quiet… (while to speak softly and put the

                            finger against the lips because there is Tika who sleep and snore), hoy…

                            (while hit the table).

Tika                :   huh.. hah.. huh.. hah.. (get up from sleep).

Miss Rika     :   did you dream something ?..

Tika                :   ow yes.. somebody surprised me.

Miss Rika     :   that’s me, oh my god..!! come here and Restu please have a sit.

Restu            :   thank you miss.

Miss Rika     :   Tika..! please tell me why did you sleep and.. snore !!

Tika                :   I am sorry miss, I studied until daybreak last night..

Miss Rika     :   really..

Tika                :   yes miss.

Miss Rika     :   ok.. but your face show some scare… are you lying ?!!

Tika                :   ow (surprise). No.. I am not lying.

Miss Rika     :   hmmm. Tika,.. God is merciful and God knows whatever you do, God will

                            Give some punisment to us if we do a sin. I know that you didn’t study last

                            night.. if you lie God will be angry to you.

Tika                :   no,.. I studied last night (speak like someone who want to cry).

Miss Rika     :   hoo, hooo… you want to cry… you’re lying right ?

Tika                :   yes.. sorry miss, I watched tv last night..

Miss Rika     :   ck, ck, ck,.. Tika, if you become a lazy student you can’t pass examination

                            well and you won’t get the knowledge that I teach to you, so don’t be a lazy

                            student and change your bad habit, you know.. no one like student that is

                            lazy, and not dicipline, so change your habit, ok.. Now, I want to write the

                            letter and then you give to your parents, and you sit down.

Tika                :   ow, don’t miss, please.. (but accidentally she move the Miss Rika’s chair).

Miss Rika     :   hey.. (while dropped) what are you doing to me ?

Tika ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† :¬†¬† what… I don‚Äôt do anything‚Ķ

Miss Rika     :   get out from my class now and don’t come back again, I will submit this

                            letter to your parents.

Tika                :   ow.. what did I do ?.. (speak softly and get out).

Tika got out from her class and she waited for rest time. Tika really liked Restu because he was a smart student and handsome. When the rest time was coming she asked her friends to help in getting attention from Restu, but there was problem again.

Tika                :   my friends… would you mind to help me ?

Chika             :   what do you mean about ?

Andin            :   I don’t want to help you to resolve your problem with Miss Rika.

Chika             :   yes of course, we will get a problem about it.

Tika                :   no.. I need your help because I really like him.

Andin            :   who’s him?

Tika                :   that’s Restu.. you know he is really smart and a handsome boy, wow… I

                            like him so much.

Chika             :   I know his phone number.

Tika                :   wow really ?, give it to me, give it to me..

Chika             :   ok.. ok..

Tika                :   ok thank you, I want to check this number now.. he.. he.. he..

Chika             :   hey don’t now, calm down… you can call him tonight.

Andin            :   yes, and are you sure that he will like you ?

Tika                :   hey, I just check this.

Andin            :   but how if he knows that is you ?

Tika                :   that’s good.. (while press the Restu’s number), hello is there Restu ?

Restu            :   yes, who is it.. ow, wait.. wait.. I know this voice, you are Tika, and you

                            stand up over there, why do you call me ?..

Tika                :   I just check whether this is your number or not..

Andin            :   hey he knows you right ?

Tika                :   yes.. and now help me, I can’t speak with him…

Andin            :   ow no.. that’s I mean, you’re afraid of him, hu.. huh.. come on, we meet


Tika                :   thank you my friends (speak slowly).

Chika             :   hello Restu.. how are you today ?

Restu            :   I am good..

Andin            :   by the way, I have a friend that likes you.

Restu            :   wow really.. who is she ?

Andin            : that’s my friend, Tika.

Restu            : ow, what….!! I can believe this..

Andin            :   wow, wow,. Calm down Restu.. Calm down..

Chika             :   yes, let’s go to the canteen and we talk further…

Restu            :   ok.. ok.. but I..

Chika             :   hey.. calm down.. ok.

When they wanted to go to canteen there was Mr. Guntur, he was a fierce principal and he was the person that didn’t like to compromise about anything.

Mr.Guntur  :   (walk while whistle)

Andin            :   hey, hey, there is Mr. Guntur.. (speak slowly).

Students      :   good afternoon, sir.

Mr.Guntur  :   hah.. ok.. (Mr. Guntur’s handphone dropped).

Chika             :   hey, his telephone.. take it for him.

Tika                :   ok, I will take it, ow yea (show the thief face).

Students      :   no.. (speak slowly).

Mr.Guntur  :   hey.. hey.. what are you doing ? that’s my handphone right ?

Tika                :   oh really, there is no your name here…

Chika             :   sorry sir.. we saw that your handphone dropped, so Tika took it for you..

Mr.Guntur  :   ow, you’re Tika.. Miss Rika said to me that you had a big problem in the

                            class last morning, that’s right ?

Tika                :   yes sir..

Mr.Guntur  :   and now you want to steal my handphone, and you are her friends right ?

Students      :   yes sir..

Mr.Guntur  :   ow I see, there is a group of thief..

Chika             :   but Tika just took it for you sir..

Andin            :   yes sir we just want to help you.

Mr.Guntur  :   hmmm.. really.., I don’t believe this, a trouble maker.

                            Give it to me !!, (snatch from Tika and the handphone thrown). Oh no…!!

                            you break my handphone, you know, it’s really expensive, and I have to

                            work three years to get it. Now all of you come to my room…

Tika went to her home and she talked to her parents that she got a letter from her teacher.

Tika                :   knock, knock, knock..

Mrs. Ana      :   hey.. my child.. my honey.., hey what happen, why do you come early ? ..

                            and you look not good.

Mrs. Sekar  :   yes.. what happen my sweety grandchild…

Mr. Surya    :   did you get a problem in the school ?

Tika                :  yes.. my teacher gave you a letter. And you have to meet her now..

Mr. Surya    :   ow really… give it to me.., (read the letter)…

Mrs. Sekar  :   what.. you get a problem !!!, I really know that my grandchild is a kind

                            student and iam sure that she never make problem. (speak loudly).

Mr. Surya    :   hey mom, calm down,..

Mrs. Sekar  :   calm down… what !!, where is the letter, give it to me !! (speak loudly while

                            scramble the letter), oh my god, I will say to your teacher that she has done

                            something wrong to you. Let’s we go to school and tell something to your

                            teacher, come on.. !!

Mr. Surya    :   hey, hey wait me..

Mr. Surya  and Mr. Sekar immediately went to meet the teacher at school and when they rode motocycle they got a problem from Tika again, but there was someone who resolve the problem.

Mr. Surya    :   ow, I have go now.. (ride motocycle and hitchhike)

Students      :   stop….

Mr. Surya    :   hey, hey,.. what are you doing ?

Mrs. Sekar  :   are you wanna die ?

Andin            :   you’re Tika’s father right ?

Mr. Surya    :   yes.. why ?

Andin            : you know..!! we got a big problem from your child.

Restu            :   yes.. your child is a troublemaker ..

Mrs. Sekar  :   hey.. hey.. what are you talking about… hah.. you just somebody who

                            doesn’t know the characteristic of my grandchild !! (speak angrily).

Mr. Surya    :   hey.. mom, calm down.. she got a problem from her teacher, Miss Rika.

                            Does she also make a problem to you ?

Restu            :   yes she made us in the problem.

Mr. surya     :   what do you mean ? tell me about that..

Chika             :   ok,.. when we went to canteen, we saw Mr. Guntur, you know him right ?

Mr. Surya    :   yes of course, he is your principal..

Chika             :   when we saw Mr. Guntur, his handphone dropped, so Tika took it, but her

                            face expression showed that she wanted to steal the handphone. So that, Mr.

                            Guntur accused her that she wanted to steal his handphone. We as her

                            friends want to help her, but Mr. Guntur accused us too.

Mrs. Sekar  :   ck.. ck.. ck.. you just a liar !! you get that.. you are a big liar (speak loudly).

Restu            :   that’s right.. we get the letter from our principal.

Mrs. Sekar  :   ha.. ha.. ha.. ha.. ha.. ha.., I don’t care, whatever you say don’t fault my

                            grandchild you know (speak angrily while speak closer to Restu and Andin).

Andin            :   hey., I think she angry with us (speak scared).

Restu            :   oh my god… I think so, les’t escape…

Mr. Sekar    :   ha.. ha.. ha.. ha.. you’re a coward. You see that.. I can resolve the problem

                            right ?..

Mr. Surya    :   ok.. ok.. you great.. and let’s go to school, and I need your help again..

Mr. Surya continued his trip to the school and he got a problem again from Tika.

Mr. Surya    :   wow, we will be late.. we have to go now. (ride motocycle)

Mr. Surya    :   knock, knock, knock…

Miss Rika     :   ow.. are you Mr. Surya, Tika’s father ?..

Mr. Surya    :   yes, you are right..

Mrs. Sekar  :   and I am her grandmother..

Miss Rika     :   hey, but I don’t call you here..

Mrs. Sekar  :   whatever you say..

Miss Rika     :   oh my god.. (speak scared) ok, please have a sit.

Mr. Surya    :   thank you.

Miss Rika     :   ok, Mr. Surya, your child, Tika got a big problem.

Mr. Surya    :   what is the problem ?..

Miss Rika     :   with principal and a problem in my class.

Mr. Surya    :   oh my god, so she has many problems now, I can believe this.

Mrs. Sekar  :   ok.. what is the problem ? (speak loudly to Miss Rika).

Miss Rika     :   hey, hey calm down.. she slept in my class and she snored. Then when she

                            went to canteen she stole the principal’s handphone.

Mr. Surya    :   hey, he just accused my child. My child is not a thief.

Mrs. Sekar  :   yes…!!!

Miss Rika     :   I don’t care about it… and Mr. Guntur as principal, will eject your child and

                            this is the letter.

Mr. Surya    :   oh my god, could I see that, (read the letter), oh my god…

Mrs. Sekar  :   hey.. you know that you just accuse my grandchild, you know that hah…!!

Miss Rika     :   hey what are you talking about, I don’t care about it, Mr. Guntur just gave

                            me the letter and I obey him and don’t speak loudly to me (speak loudly to

                            Tika’s grandmother) and ok Mr. Surya, that’s all you can go now.

Mrs. Sekar  :   hey… you just a liar, and I want that you give the letter to your principal and

                            cancel this letter !! I don’t want that my grandchild is removed from this

                            school (speak loudly and closer to Miss Rika’s face).

Miss Rika     :   I am her teacher and I am the ruler.. (speak loudly and closer to grandma


Mrs. Sekar  :   I am her grandma.. hah. What will you do ?!! (speak louder).

Miss Rika     :   oh my god.. (speak scared), hoh.. ok, I will accept your request. And you

                            can go now.

Tika’s grandma resolved the problem and Tika could go out from her problem. The message were, don’t trouble to everyone around of you, and be a useful person.

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