Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Tentang Persahabatan

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Dialog bahasa Inggris 2 orang tentang persahabatan berikut ini memberikan sebuah cerita kepada Anda bagaimana dua sahabat sedang merencanakan sebuah kejutan, juga untuk sahabat mereka yang sedang terbaring di rumah sakit. Bagaimana cerita selengkapnya? Ikuti dialog berikut ini.

Erika: Hi Indah, how are you?

Indah: I am okay, and yourself?

Erika: Not too bad. Indah, have you visited Andy?

Indah: What’s wrong with him? I mean, what are you talking about? Is he sick or what?

Erika: Yesterday, Andy was accompanied by his parents to check his health in the hospital and doctor found that he got a dengue fever.

Indah: Why didn’t you tell me?

Erika: Your phone was inactive, so I had no way to send you a message or to call you.

Indah: Oh my God. Yes you’re right, yesterday my phone was error and I couldn’t operate it. Have you visited him to the hospital?

Erika: Yes I have. Last night I was called by his mother and I came soon.

Indah: Oh my God. Could you please accompany me to go?

Erika: Sure, when will you go?

Indah: Today, after school. Can we go together?

Erika: Hmmm, let me call my mother first. Actually I was asked to go with her after school, but maybe she can postpone or ask my sister to accompany her.

Indah: Oh, no problem if you can’t. We can go tonight.

Erika: Wait, I call her first.

2 minutes later…

Erika: My mother lets me go and she plans to postpone the agenda. So, I am going to go with her tomorrow..

Indah: Thank you Erika.

Erika: You’re welcome Indah. What’s the plan? Should we make a surprise for my best friend, Andy?

Indah: Yeah, we have to. I know that he likes Anime especially Naruto and I have an idea.

Erika: What’s on your mind?

Indah: I know some friends that can change their appearance into an anime style.

Erika: Is that cosplay?

Indah: Yes you’re right. How’s my idea? Is that good?

Erika: Sure, it’s brilliant. But your friends have to be fast because two hours more, we go to the hospital.

Indah: Don’t worry. I call them now.

3 minutes later…

Erika: Can you make sure that they will come?

Indah: Yes, I have called them and they will be ready when we pick them up.

Erika: Wonderful and let’s make a surprise for Andy..

Indah: Yaph, I cannot be patient waiting for his expression when he sees a cosplay visiting for him.

Erika: So do I.

Indah: Erika, we need to come to the class. Our teacher is coming.