Contoh CV dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Cara Membuat

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Cara mudah belajar bahasa Inggris – Contoh CV dalam bahasa Inggris memang sangat dibutuhkan bagi seorang pelamar kerja yang hendak menguji kemampuannya di dalam perusahaan asing. Kendati demikian, tidak heran apabila siswa sekolah saat ini juga mempunyai banyak kebutuhan mengenai contoh CV dalam bahasa Inggris. 
Karena, contoh CV juga termasuk ke dalam materi pembelajaran yang sudah seharusnya didapatkan. Sejatinya, ada banyak contoh CV dalam bahasa Inggris di berbagai sumber dan salah satunya adalah website ini. 
Anda bisa melihat struktur contoh CV berikut dimana terdapat nama si pemilik CV beserta alamat serta nomor telepon. Kemudian, dijelaskanlah profile sang pemilik secara ringkas, dan rata-rata memberikan penjelasan mengenai kecakapan profesionalnya. Setelah itu, CV berlanjut ke carrier summary yang membahas mengenai pekerjaan yang dilakukan oleh pemilik CV hingga saat ini. Juga, dibagian selanjutnya terdapat pendidikan formal dan non formal, hingga hobi. Untuk lebih detailnya, silakan simak contoh CV dalam bahasa Inggris berikut ini. 
contoh cv dalam bahasa inggris resmi

Contoh CV dalam bahasa Inggris pertama

Andika Kurniawan
67 Mandala, East Jakarta
Telephone: (021) 8990925 (Home); 081324567856 (Mobile)
Professional Profile
A senior manager who has the dedication and success orientation in any business achievement within the company. He has created a lot of marketing strategies that have an impact on the growth of the company’s assets. Experienced in working with many leading brands in the automotive retail industry and in a competitive way. Has an excellent capacity in the leads and has been working in the company for such a long period of time. Have excellent systems thinking, interpersonal skills, smooth communication, good negotiation skills and the great ability to develop and to maintain internal and external relationships to be able to mutually beneficial. Enjoyed every working environment and team collaboration system has a highly structured and well. 
Career Summary
2010–2013 TYRES Indonesia LTD
Interim Network Development Manager
  1. Perform a project management redevelopment of retail sales in the Indonesian market strategy that aims to expand the market of automotive industry
  2. Successfully developed a business idea franchise with turnover increase over 50 % in one year
  3. Develop the site online automotive marketing
  4. Working closely with many automotive businesses to develop marketing networks
  5. Actively involved in the retail store concept renewal
  6. Develop staff and move directly to form an academy automotive company
2005–2010 BDW GROUP
2010–2010 Managing Director, BDW Contact Ltd
  1. Having a full responsibility for the establishment and management of new business at any branch
  2. Actively involved in the provision of marketing services to consumers in many branches of the company
  3. Collaborate well with professionals and third parties in order to increase the company’s network
  4. Perform software organizations to employees management
  5. Introduce a variety of services and facilitating corporate special 24 hour service for consumers
2002–2005 Operations Director 
  1. Provide management and support to staff so that they achieve the maximum performance in the world of work
  2. Provide facilities for staff so that they are able to create an excellent customer service
  3. Maintain full benefits and accountability of losses up to $ 5 million and then achieve revenue growth by more than 10% each year
  4. Improve marketing management for companies and reduce losses
  5. Enabling a 5% increase of the actual gross margin in one year through the implementation of staff work in incentive scheme
Education and Qualifications
S-1 Degree Economic Management of CFR University 
S-1 Degree Economic Management of CFR University 
Professional Development
• Management Development software
• Effective Management of industry
• Marketing Management skills
• Appraisal Training of Management
• Presentation Skills through a High Technology
• Team Work Building
• Finance for Non-financial Managers
• Creativity Training 
IT Skills
• Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet, Blog, Online Marketing and Email
Personal Details
Driving Licence : Full/Clean
Health : Excellent; non-smoker
Interests: Computer, Blogging, Golf

Contoh CV dalam bahasa Inggris kedua

Martin Mahendra

address: 56 Garuda, West Jakarta Telephone: 01632 960 326Mobile: 07700 900 285e-mail: [email protected]

Professional profile

A web designer who is so enthusiastic and really liked being a part of the lead, organize, and so productive in completing each job. Able to understand the diverse ideas and works very well with a very high motivation. Able to work under pressure and have a great ability to work effectively.


Currently looking for a job-related technical skills in the organization of a website as well as programming. Keen to improve the ability of developers to become more professional.

Key technical skills

Adobe PhotoShop
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Adobe Illustrator
Macromedia Flash
Strata Studio Pro (3D)
Adobe Premiere
Macromedia Director
FTP Programs
Adobe After Effects
Bryce 3D
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Media Cleaner Pro

Career summary

2010–date Webmaster, Graphics Jakarta

  1. Developing a department website to improve personal branding and service to society
  2. Integrating software and continue to update it so as to form a sophisticated system and be able to create better services
  3. Training the team in the use of Beyond Press Pro, QuarkXPress, PhotoShop, Media Cleaner Pro, Dreamweaver, QTVR and Adobe Premier
  4. Train staff to be able to plunge into the world of blogging and the internet to know well
  5. Coordinate well with other staff in finding clients and improve a company’s earnings

Selected portfolio

Education and qualifications

2004-2009 S-1 Degree Computer Science of Rush University

Professional development

• Team Leadership (2012)• Presentation Skills (2010)

Personal details

Driving Licence : Full/CleanHealth : Excellent; non-smokerLanguages : Indonesian and English

Interests and activities

Currently include : Photography, Blogging

Cara membuat CV dalam bahasa Inggris

  1. Sertakan Nama, alamat, nomor telepon, dan e-mail
  2. Berikan penjelasan singkat mengenai siapa diri Anda dan keunggulan Anda
  3. Berikan penjelasan detail mengenai karir Anda dari satu periode dalam perusahaan ke periode dan perusahaan lain
  4. Sertakan kemampuan personal
  5. Sertakan pengalaman pendidikan baik formal maupun non formal
  6. Sertakan hobi Anda

Itulah dua contoh CV dalam bahasa Inggris dan cara membuatnya yang bisa Anda manfaatkan dengan baik. Semoga membantu.