Biografi Soeharto Dalam Bahasa Inggris (Singkat & Jelas)

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Biografi Soeharto Dalam Bahasa Inggris (Singkat & Jelas) – Soeharto adalah mantan Presiden Indonesia yang pernah berkuasa dalam tempo sangat lama. Sejarah mencatat beliau memimpin Indonesia dalam jangka waktu 32 tahun, dan inilah kisah singkatnya.


Soeharto is known as Indonesian President who had the longest leadership period i.e. 32 years. He is called as the father of development. He was the second president of Indonesia who was successful in developing agricultural sector of Indonesia. Soeharto was born in Kemusuk, Yogyakarta, on June 8, 1921. His parents were Sukirah and Kertosudiro. When he was eight years old, Soeharto started going to school, but he often moved fom one school to another school because his family also moved from the village.

In 1945, Soeharto officially became the member of TNI. After that, in 1947, Soeharto married with Siti Hartinah or she was famous by Ibu dimana usia Soeharto etika itu 26 tahun dan Siti Hartinah atau Ibu Tien. From the marriage, Soeharto had six children. They are Siti Hardiyanti Hastuti, Sigit Harjojudanto, Bambang Trihatmodjo, Siti Hediati Herijadi, Hutomo Mandala Putra dan Siti Hutami Endang Adiningsih.

Many versions of stories said that the role of Soeharto when Indonesia took back Yogyakarta from the Netherlands in Serangan Umum 1 Maret cannot be separated. The purpose of serangan umum 1 Maret was to show the existence of TNI in defending Indonesia to international world. He built his carrier in military until he became the Major General.

Through the extraordinary meeting of the parliament, Soeharto was pointed as the second president of Indonesia, replacing President Soekarno. During his leadership as president, Soeharto changed many political policies. One of them was Indonesia came back to be the member of United Nations.

In his presidency, Soeharto intimidated the communist party and punished everyone who was related to the communist party. The programs of Soeharto were directed to save the stability and rehabilitation of Indonesia’s economy condition. Here, Soeharto controlled the inflation so that the price of local products didn’t rise extremely. He also repaired the facilities. The basic purpose of these policies was maintaining the planned economy system which could guarantee the democracy of economy to the justice and wealthy society as it was mentioned in Pancasila. Due to his success in establishing political stability which brought economy stability, he is called as the Father of Development. The other achievement of Soeharto was the UN Population Award which was the highest award from UN because Soeharto was successful in holding KB program.

Soeharto was a president who was full of controversy. Some people supported him as the Father of Development, but some of them show disrespect because of the tragedy in 1998 which many people become the victims of the crisis. In 1998, Soeharto faced dark era because many university students with the society did big demonstration as result of their unsatisfactory feelings toward Soeharto’s presidency, in which the stability of the economy started to fall down. Indonesia faced crisis for the recent 6 months at that time. On May 21, 2015, Soeharto declared that he stepped back for good as the president of Indonesia. An then BJ Habibie continued his presidency for a year. After that, Abdurrahman Wahid was elected as the fourth president in 1999.