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Artikel Pendidikan dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru – Setelah Anda membaca postingan saya yang terkait dengan artikel bahasa inggris mengenai olahraga, kesehatan, dan bahkan narkoba. Saat ini saya akan memberikan Anda sebuah artikel terkait dengan bidang pendidikan di dalam bahasa Inggris. Artikel ini memberikan Anda tips bagaimana cara mengelola keuangan dalam rangka mempersiapkan pendidikan anak. 
Artikel yang saya dapatkan dari ini begitu bermanfaat dan menampilkan informasi yang practical. Selamat membaca dan semoga Anda menyukainya.

5 Financial Planning Tips for Children’s Education

Every parent would want to give the best for their children, including education. Maximizing the interests and talents of the child through the best education is a parent’s dream. Therefore, the cost of children’s education is one of the things that should not neglect to prepare. Moreover, the estimated cost of education rises by 20 % each year which much greater than the change in inflation and salary increases.
With this increase, the best way to prepare children’s education funds is investment. The following five tips below may help you more:

Prepare early

Investments take time to develop. The cost of education is usually a long- term targets that take more than 5 years to be achieved. Therefore, the sooner you start setting aside money and save it as investment, the better it will be.

Plan your child’s education

Plan your child’s education, such as the type of school you want (public school, private, or overseas), the type of education according to the interests and talents of your child (school of art, or medicine, etc.). After that, use the internet to browse the information of the estimated cost of your child’s education in the future.

Calculate the amount of investment you need to do

After getting the target cost of education, you can calculate the amount of investment you need to do to achieve those targets. Total investment is also influenced by the type of investment you are doing, for example education savings, mutual funds, etc.

Get a Life Insurance

You also have to think of the worst possible. What would happen if you or your spouse as a family breadwinner could no longer finance the family, such as illness or death? Prepare for your child’s protection, so when the worst happens, your child can still live decently and get the best education.

Do not Doubt to Ask

Knowledge of financial planning you can get from books, the internet, financial news, or ask family or friends who were/are investing. If necessary, you can also consult a financial planner to create a plan to fund the best education for your child.
After having a good plan for the preparation of educational funds, you’ll need next is the discipline to execute the plan. Reevaluate your plan within a certain period, for example, once a year, adjust to the economic conditions, the condition of your finances, etc. Do all in order to give the best for your child!


Semoga artikel pendidikan dalam bahasa Inggris di atas memberikan manfaat yang berarti kepada Anda semua.