Koleksi Recount Text & Cerita Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

Cerita bahasa Inggris merupakan salah satu contoh hal yang amat menarik di dalam sebuah pembelajaran. Dengan membaca cerita, Anda akan merasa terhibur dan mendapatkan banyak inspirasi menarik. Di dalam artikel ini, kami mempunyai cukup banyak cerita bahasa Inggris yang bisa Anda dapatkan. Cerita yang dibagikan kepada Anda ini merupakan kisah-kisah nyata yang tentu saja mampu membuat perasaan Anda berkesan setelah membacanya. Silakan simak beragam cerita bahasa Inggris di bawah ini.

Holiday in Grandma and Grandpa’s House

One week ago, I got holiday. It was because in my school was held final examination for all students in the last level in my school or many people called it as UAN. For that, by using my leisure time, I chose to go to my grandmother’s house in Bogor. The reasons I chose that place were because I not only missed my grandma and grandpa, but I also really liked to visit Bogor because this area had cool weather, and beautiful scenery. So that by those reasons, I believed that they could refresh my brain from all burden in the school like the home work that required me to finish it.

When I was in my grandma and grandpa’s house, I was invited by them to see their tea garden. I was excited to do that. Then, we went to that garden by private car. After we arrived in the garden, I saw all in the green one and I saw many people worked to pick tea leaves. I could not say anything when seeing those phenomena. I awed with those things. I though how perfect the God creation was.

By seeing those phenomena, I run to that garden to see the workers directly to know how the way in picking the tea leave correctly. There, I introduced myself to them as grandchild of their boss. So did them. In that garden, I was not only taught by them about how to pick tea leaves correctly , but I also was taught about how the way to indentify tea leaves which were ready to be taken. So that, I did not do the mistake in choosing the tea leaves to be picked.

After studying during a half hour from my grandma and grandpa’s workers, I tried to pick tea leaves with my own. I wanted to help them and I did not want them to observe me in doing that. It was because I believed that I could do it correctly as they taught me before. Then, after an hour, I picked the leaves. I showed my result to them. They said that my work was good. I was very satisfied and happy about it because I could show to my grandma and grandma that I could do it, as their workers did.

The First Experience in Camping

In the Friday morning, I saw many students to get ready to come in their schools. Many goods that they brought for the example were sticks, ropes, woods and many others. They would do camping. Nevertheless, I did not where they would do the camping.

From that kind of phenomenon above, suddenly, I remembered when I was in senior high school time, especially in 1st grade of that level. I remembered that in my school at the time, there was regulation about for all new students in the 1st level might follow camping that was held by my school. I was very shocked about it. It was because camping was the first time for me. I never did before.

Before the date of the day, I and my friends prepared and bought many things for it. For the example, I and my friends bought hat, rope, new shoes, and tarpaulin for camping. Then, we also searched woods, and sticks. Besides, each of camping members might bring basic needs like rice, vegetable oil, vegetables, cooking spices and others. Those things were used to fulfill our needs during camping time.

The day of camping came, exactly in the Friday. Each group consisted of 10 members. Then, I belonged to the 3rd group, where it consisted of me myself, Susi, Lia, Lina, Yuli, Dwi, Wulan, Wati, Ike and Ratna. There each of members had her own duty. For the example at the time I , Wati, and Wulan had duty in cooking. Then the others had different duty of mine. During in camping time, there were many activities that done by us like we learned how to make tent, to make litter, we also asked to go around fire and many other activities. Those activities were very pleased. It taught me about the meaning of togetherness. That was my first experience in camping.

The World Changed My Old Friend

Two days ago, when I and my mom went to mall, I met my old friend in Elementary school with her friends. She was Vita. In my school at the time, Vita was well known as calm student, low profile, and very kind. Nevertheless, two days ago in Mall, I did not believe that my friend who was known good person, the fact she was not. She did not recognize that I was her old friend. Even though, I introduced myself clearly. Nevertheless, she still did not want to recognize me as her friend in front of her friends. Then, she asked her friends to not care about who I was. Then, they leaved me and my mother without saying anything. I was very sad about her action to me. Moreover, she did it in front of my mom too. I did not want my mom sad.

That event above happened when I and my mom walked in a mall to seek new bag for me. It was because my bag was broken. Then, on the intersection of path on the mall, I saw Vita with her friends. She was talking and laughing with her friends loudly. I knew well her style in talking and in laughing. Then, I invited my mom to approach Vita and her friends first, before doing shopping.

When approaching my old friend, Vita, and her friends, I asked to her to make sure that she was Vita. Then, she asked who I was. Then I answered that I was her old friend in Elementary school in Pontianak who had name Sessy. Then, she answered that she did not have a friend liked me when she studied in that school. She said that I met the wrong person, not vita who I meant. Then, she and her friends went without saying good bye.

Through that event, my mom said to me that I might be patient toward painful action that was done by my old friend, Vita. Then, I also might give forgiveness to her and also as the learning for me myself that not to be arrogant person, because it made other people felt painful.

The Wrong Number

I had a good friend in university. Her name was Kurnia. Nevertheless, because there was problem with her in university that we studied, it made her to move to another university. Then she moved to private university that had long distance with my university .For that background, it made me and Kurnia long not to see again.

Four months since Kurna moved to another university, I and Kurnia did not ever meet yet. I missed her so much. So did she. It was because at before I and Kurnia were always together. We often shared together toward everything that happened to us. For that, I decided to visit her in her dormitory.

Before going to Kurnia’s dormitory, I asked her dormitory’s address that could be met by me myself. Then, she gave her complete dormitory’s address that was on Jl. R.A. Kartini No. 13, Sumbang, Bandung. Then, by receiving Kurnia’s address. I was bent to visit her. Even though, I did not know where the location was.

In making me to find easier her location, she gave me other directions. For the example, she gave the directions about what kind of transportations that might be chosen by me, what the name of that transportation was.

By provision of Kurnia’s address and direction, I went to Kurnia house. I was accompanied by Putri, my sister. I and my sister used transportation as which suggested by her. Then, almost 2 hours, I and my sister were on the bus. Finally we arrived in Subang. Then, the next step for I and my sister was to find the exact Kurnia’s address that was on Jl. R.A. Kartini No. 13. Nevertheless, during a half hour, we did not find that address. That we found was Jl. R.A. Kartini No. 30. Then, I confirmed to my friend again about where her address exactly whether on Jl. R.A. Kartini No. 13 or Jl. R.A. Kartini No. 30. Then she confirmed about her address and said sorry by giving wrong number. Her true address was onR.A. Kartini No. 30. It was because the number was changed recently. She forgot. Then, after that I and my sister backed again to the first address that we found, on R.A. Kartini No. 30. Then, finally we found Kurnia, my good friend.

Unforgettable Trip

One month ago, I went to visit my aunt and my uncle in Bandung. I visited my aunt; it was because that month was the holiday time of my school. In addition, I really missed with my cute nephew. She was Putri. Putri was my youngest nephew who really cute and the most beautiful one among other nephews that I had.

Then, I visited my aunt and my uncle’s home with my parents, my mom and my father. I was really glad when my parents ached my desirability to visit them. My family went in Bogor by using airplane. I was very excited. It was because by airplane was the first time for me when going to somewhere. In the airplane, I saw some pilots in it. They were very kind and friendly to all people who existed in that plane, included of me myself. Besides, I also could see everything in the ground. It was very small and looked very beautiful. It was the experience that would never be forgotten by me.

At 7: 00 o’clock in the evening, I and my parents arrived in the airport. There, I and my family saw my aunt, my uncle, and my cute nephew. I was really happy. Then, I kissed my cute nephew directly. She only smiled. Then I asked her to play together with me. We played together.

Then the purpose of my uncle and his family themselves on the airport was to pick up my family. Then, after that we together leaved the airport to my aunt and my uncle’s house. Before arriving to my aunt and my uncle’s house, my family was asked by them to come in the Restaurant first, in order to have dinner.

In the restaurant, I and all my family ordered our favorite food that was sea food. After getting full, we decided to continue the trip to come in my aunt family’s house. There, I and my father were welcomed to enter their house.Then my family was feted well by them by giving any kind of snack, and warm tea. Then, before that, I and family took bath first. It was because my family’s trip that day was very exhausted, but very pleased.After that, I decided to take rest in order to prepare energy for activities in the next day.

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