Pengertian Relative Clause & Penjelasannya

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Pengertian Relative Clause & Penjelasannya

1. Pengertian

Relative clause digunakan untuk memberikan informasi tambahan tentang sesuatu tanpa membentuk kalimat baru. Sesuatu yang dimaksud dapat berupa subjek atau objek dalam kalimat. Sehingga relative clause memiliki posisi sebagai anak kalimat di dalam sebuah kalimat majemuk bertingkat. Dengan menggunakan relative clause maka kalimat akan menjadi lebih efektif dan menghindari pengulangan kata tertentu. Dalam bahasa Inggris, relative clause juga disebut dengan adjective clause.

2. Cara Membentuk

Relative clause akan diawali dengan relative pronoun yang menggantikan kata benda, frase kata benda, atau kata ganti benda yang dijelaskan.

Relative Pronoun Fungsi
Who Menjelaskan subjek berupa orang.
Whom Menjelaskan objek berupa orang.
Which Menjelaskan subjek atau objek berupa benda selain orang, seperti hewan, tumbuhan, atau benda lainnya.
Which Merujuk pada keseluruhan kalimat.
When Menjelaskan keterangan waktu.
Where Menjelaskan keterangan tempat.
Why Menjelaskan alasan.
That Menjelaskan orang atau benda, baik sebagai subjek maupun sebagai objek, hanya digunakan pada jenis restrictive relative clauses. Restrictive clause adalah tipe klausa yang apabila dihilangkan maka induk kalimatnya kehilangan informasi penting. Restrictive clause berfungsi untuk memberikan informasi penting, bukan sekedar informasi tambahan.

Berikut ini adalah perbandingan kalimat sederhana dengan kalimat kompleks yang menggunakan relative clause.

Kalimat sederhana. Kalimat kompleks dengan relative clause
Rudi loves Rita. Rudi loves Rita whom is a teacher at an International School in Jakarta.
My bag was broken yesterday. My bag which I loved the most was broken yesterday.

3. Contoh Kalimat

a. Who

Mr. John who was the winner of a singing competition in Germany came back to Indonesia and released his new album last month.
Heni who gets scholarship from the government will go to Spain next week to start her study.

b. Whom

Rania met Tono whom is her best friend since she was in junior highs school.
Yanto and Geraldine visit their teacher whom is very old and has been retired.

c. Which

The cat which always sleeps in front of my house never comes anymore in a month.
The flower which is given by Renata is very beautiful.
I put a note which is full of advices on her desk.
Lily throw away all of papers which were used to print her thesis.

d. Whose

Maria whose brother was a football player will get married with a football player, too.
I called Finita whose books were borrowed by me last week.

e. When

I remember my twenty seventh birthday. That was the day when I got married with my husband.
Lesti arrived yesterday when Sinta went to Jakarta for a conference.

f. Where

Do you know the station where this bus will stop?
Bandar Lampung is the city where you can find my delicious foods.

g. Why

I wonder about the reason why she resigned that soon from this company which has given her outstanding facilities.
The policemen did not give us the reason why they arrested those mysterious men.

h. That

Galang that is the director of an international company never goes to work by his private car. He always takes public transportation.
Prita was given a book that is essential for her thesis by her lecturer.