Pengertian, Jenis, dan Cara Menggunakan Linking Words dalam Menulis di Bahasa Inggris

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Link artinya menghubungkan, jadi linking words adalah kata-kata yang menghubungkan antara satu ide dengan ide lainnya di dalam kalimat. Mungkin dalam bahasa Indonesia kita mengenal penghubung dan, oleh karena itu, lagipula, sebagai tambahan, serta kemudian sebagai penghubung ide-ide di dalam kalimat.


Linking words biasa digunakan untuk menyatakan penambahan informasi (addition), untuk menyatakan hal yang berlawanan (contrast), menyatakan sebab dan akibat (cause and effect), untuk menyatakan tujuan (purpose), dan untuk menyimpulkan suatu ide (summarize).


Di bawah ini, ada penjelasan singkat mengenai tujuan-tujuan dari linking words tersebut.


Menyatakan Penambahan Informasi (Addition)


Contoh linking words: In addition, as well as, not only… but also…, furthermore, besides, moreover, and


Contoh kalimat:


  • In this office, you will not only find a job but also learn on how to interact with other people well.
  • I can keep your gift and make sure there will no disturbance.
  • Danny becomes a great teacher. Furthermore, he is also a good father.


Menyatakan Hal yang Berlawanan (Contrast)


Contoh linking words: even though, although, however, nevertheless, on the contrary, on the other hand, but, conversely, whereas, in spite of/despite.


Contoh kalimat:


  • I love her so much, even though she is not beautiful or smart.
  • Fandy’s team had prepared the competition well. On the other hand, my team still couldn’t fix our internal problem.
  • I will pick you up tomorrow, but not for her.

Menyatakan Sebab dan Akibat (Cause and Effect)


Contoh linking words: therefore, for this reason, because, because of this, due to, owing to, as a consequence, for, since.


Contoh kalimat:


  • I cannot go to your home tonight because my father asks me to accompany him.
  • He did not study well. As a consequence, he got a bad score in the final exam.
  • Since I was hurt by my girlfriend, I still could not accept any other girl in my life until now.


Menyatakan Sebuah Tujuan (Purpose)


Contoh linking verbs: in order to, in order not to, so as to


Contoh kalimat:


  • I wake up early in order to be on time.
  • She helped you to speak in front of the class so as to increase your confidence.


Menyatakan Kesimpulan (Summarize)


Contoh linking verbs: in brief, to conclude, in short, in conclusion


Contoh kalimat:


In conclusion, the nuclear energy is good for people if it used well.