Pengertian dan Contoh Kalimat Preposition of Purpose

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Pengertian dan Contoh Kalimat Preposition of Purpose – Preposition of purpose adalah kata depan yang menunjukkan hubungan “tujuan” antara kata benda/kata ganti benda dengan kata yang lain di dalam sebuah kalimat. Biasanya preposisi diletakkan sebelum kata benda. Kita menggunakan preposition of purpose untuk menjelaskan/mendeskripsikan suatu tujuan daripada tentang perasaan. Yang termasuk dalam preposition of purpose adalah “to” dan “for”.

Contoh Preposition of Purpose dalam Kalimat


• She sold it for an emergency.
• He went to the village for sightseeing.
• She loves him for his good attitude.
• I am happy for your gift.
• We are sad for your farewell party!
• She is not sorry for the mistakes she did.
• I waited for my mother for two days!
• We looked for a pair of flat shoes at the mall.
• That window is only for emergency exits.
• My mother needs to go to the store for a loaf of bread and jam.
• She bought a fancy dress for the party.
• Do what the doctor suggest for your health.
• I did all of these for you.
• My brother said that he buy all the foods for celebrating his graduation.
• She drives a car for her mother everywhere.
• Syakila does not know that her father sells some stuff at home for paying her school fee.
• We plan to study at Jono’s house for mathematics test next week.


• Jessy is willing to work at the Bank.
• Cici plans to travel to Australia.
• They have to go to bed now.
• I am sad to see you go.
• He wants to learn Dutch.
• We must have a strong soul to face problems in life.
• I must have ability to courage my students to study well.
• You look fat. You need to have routine exercise.
• I want to smoke outside the room.
• Clean your face to make it beautiful.
• He wants you to be your boyfriend.
• I want to make you happy forever.
• Visit your sister to make sure that she is fine.
• I need some pins to fix something.
• You are the one that I need to accompany me in this life.
• I am happy to accept you in my house. Feel free to call me if you need something.
• I am interested in your writing. Do you want to teach me?
• Do not be afraid to tell me if I am wrong. No body’s perfect. I want you to be honest although it is bitter.


Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition of purpose (to/for).

1. We are so happy ______ see you come.
2. I want _____ welcome you for the first time.
3. I always cook ______ my husband and he is always happy because of my delicious dishes.
4. They have prepared _______ this romantic dinner for us.
5. He has ______ wake up at 5 am. There will be a meeting in the early morning.


1. To
2. To
3. For
4. For
5. To